FY Divisional News

Judge Burkhart is utilizing a static zoom link for Division FY and IX. It is listed below:

Zoom Meeting Information

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 932 6477 5237

Password: 07294973

One tap mobile
+19292056099, 93264775237#, 0#, 07294973# US (New York)

+13017158592, 93264775237#, 0#, 07294973# US (Germantown)

Dial by your location

+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
888 475 4499 US Toll-free
877 853 5257 US Toll-free

Uniform Motion Calendar and Uncontested Hearings:

All Uniform Motion Calendar hearings will be conducted via the Court's Static Zoom Link listed at the top of this page, including uncontested dissolution of marriage hearings. For an uncontested divorce, please provide the Court with a copy of the testifying party's driver license in advance, which should be uploaded in the Online Services System (OLS) as an attachment to the Final Judgment. No parties should be physically present in the courtroom unless specifically instructed by the Court. This rule applies to self-represented litigants and court reporters as well as attorneys. In addition, only hearings that have been scheduled on the Online Scheduling System will go forward.

Courtroom # 5 of the South Palm Beach County Courthouse should not be used as the place of hearing on notices of hearing. Instead, future notices of hearing must state that the hearing will be held via the Court's Static Zoom Link.

Motion calendar will still commence at 8:45 a.m. Please have all parties logged into Zoom promptly at 8:45 a.m. Please be patient and continue to hold online until your case is called.

Please only submit your proposed orders 24 hours prior to your hearing and no sooner.

Probate Ex-Parte Hearings

Counsel and parties seeking ex-parte relief should continue to submit documents to the Court via Online Services System along with proposed orders. The case will be reviewed in the order in which it is received. Do not set the matter on the Uniform Motion Calendar unless instructed to do so. For expedited review, submit a completed and correct Probate Checklist, as explained in detail in the Divisional Instructions for Division IX. Please see the divisional instructions for IX for a list of motions/petitions that should not be set on UMC.

Non-Evidentiary Hearings

The parties are encouraged to submit their motions, responses, affidavits, etc., to the Court that they mutually agree the Court may address based solely upon the papers, and thereby waive oral argument. All such requests should be sent to CAD-DivisionFY@pbcgov.org for family cases, or CAD-DivisionIX@pbcgov.org for probate/guardianship cases. Each side should prepare a proposed order to be submitted through the Online Services System (OLS) with notation that it is related to a disputed issue, which the parties have agreed for the Court to review without a hearing. All proposed orders do not have to be submitted on cases set for hearing unless instructed by the Court.

Please only submit your proposed orders 24 hours prior to your hearing and no sooner.

Evidentiary Hearings

The Court intends to handle evidentiary hearings in person when possible, however, this will require the highest level of professionalism and cooperation between opposing counsel and parties. No less than 24 hours prior to each hearing, the parties must exchange all proposed exhibits, which they intend to reference during the hearing, by email in .pdf format. Each proposed exhibit must be pre-marked for identification to identify the exhibits numerically. If an evidentiary hearing is occurring via Zoom, all evidence shall be uploaded through the 15th Judicial Circuit's evidence portal.

The parties should stipulate to the admissibility of evidence for which the admissibility is not reasonably contested.

If witnesses will be called to give testimony, the Court requires that such appearances be pre-arranged with a teleconference provider as set forth above or via video with an appropriate provider and the witness must have a notary public available to be sworn-in or have an Affidavit if a notary is not available. Per Justice Canady's Administrative Order (3-13-2020) and Administrative Order (3-24-20), all rules of procedure, court orders and opinions applicable to court procedure that limit or prohibit the use of communication equipment for conducting proceedings by electronic means are suspended from the March 13, 2020 - April 17, 2020, or as provided by subsequent order.

Please only submit your proposed orders 24 hours prior to your hearing and no sooner.

Attorney/Guardian Fees

The court must consider certain criteria defined in FL §744.108 when reviewing attorney and Guardian fees; therefore, all fee petitions shall include the nature and value of the ward's assets at the time of filing, the monthly income earned and the monthly expenses of the ward.

Probate Checklists Now Available

Digital Probate Checklists are now available in the 15th Circuit's Online Services ("OLS").

Digital Checklists eliminate the need to schedule ex-parte hearings, or even come to the courthouse.

Additionally, they limit the constant flow of paper back and forth between the probate divisions and the case managers.

Digital Checklists also comply with Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC19-74.

All lawyers are encouraged to use Digital Checklists now to help identify any technical or operational issues prior to the hard launch date, after which they will be the required method of submission.

Most general questions can be answered by reading the Divisional Instructions herein. For case-specific questions the best way to contact the Judicial Assistant is via email at CAD-DivisionFY@pbcgov.org for family cases or CAD-DivisionIX@pbcgov.org. for probate cases.


The Fifteenth Circuit has launched a new ex-parte calendaring app that will serve all probate divisions in South County, North County and West Palm Beach.

Prior to first use, users must create an account in the Court's Online Scheduling System (current users can use their existing account).

The ex parte calendaring application can also be accessed by clicking the following link or by visiting www.15thcircuit.com and selecting "View All Web Applications" from within the Circuit Web Applications box.

Division FY and Division IX are now participating in Online Scheduling and E-mail Service, therefore, all Special Set Hearings (15/30 minutes) are to be scheduled online.

Division FY and Division IX are now participating in UMC Online Scheduling. To schedule a UMC hearing click on the link Online Services and follow the directions.

Once a hearing has been scheduled online, and an order has been signed by the judge, you cannot add on motions to be heard without court permission.

If there is no online scheduling time available, please email the office (CAD-divisionfy@pbcgov.org or CAD-divisionix@pbcgov.org) to obtain a hearing date.

Do not schedule post-judgment matters online unless there has been an order of referral; objection; and order sustaining objection to the general magistrate docketed in the court file.

Please take note of Courthouse Holidays on the Circuit website before scheduling hearings.

You may not send an agreed order to cancel a trial. All motions to continue trial will be heard at UMC. If you need a continuance of a matter that is not an ex-parte hearing or a UMC hearing, you may submit an agreed order to continue or set on UMC.

Judge Burkhart will review all Motions, Memoranda of Law and legal authority prior to all UMC and Special Set Hearings. Accordingly, please upload all hearing materials (motions and notice of hearings are automatically uploaded when you schedule the hearing online) Memoranda of Law and legal authority for UMC hearings to the OLS. DO NOT SEND PROPOSED ORDERS IN ADVANCE OF THE HEARING.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All Orders Must Be Submitted Through E-Filing Portal (OLS)

Pursuant to Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC19-74, all orders are to be filed electronically, and directly through the Portal. No mail or email orders. Instead of bringing paper orders (or emailing orders to the court for printing and signing), please submit your orders through our OLS system.

Please only submit your proposed orders 24 hours prior to your hearing and no sooner.

How Does It Work?

To Submit an Order:

  • Log into the 15th Circuit's OLS;
  • In OLS, create the appropriate order one of three ways:
    1. Click on the "Submit Order From Template" button;
      • Select the Generic Order template, and type in the text of your order; or
    2. If you have previously drafted the order in Word offline, cut and paste the order text into the body of the Generic Order template.
      • Follow the instructions on the screen and complete.
      • Click "Submit" to send the order to the judge.
    3. In OLS, click the "Submit Proposed Order" button;
      • Browse your computer and select, then upload the order;
      • Review the document and make any format adjustments necessary prior to submission.
      • Follow the instructions on the screen to submit the order to the court.

To Submit a Digital Probate Checklist:

  • In OLS, click on the "Submit Order From Template" button;
  • Select the appropriate probate checklist from the dropdown menu.
  • Populate the checklist completely and accurately.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and complete.
  • Click "Submit" to send the order to the judge.
  • Please Note: If you are submitting an Order for Discharge and a digital checklist, you must still obtain the Probate Closing Checklist from the Clerk.

We realize that the current paper process can cause delays in processing these orders, which impacts families at the worst time when they are dealing with the death of a loved one. Digital Checklists are intended to expedite the receiving, processing, filing and service of these orders.

For additional information on court provided digital training resources visit the Circuit's YouTube channel, CourtHelp4U.

Formatting Documents

All recorded documents (including final judgments) must provide a 3x3 inch space in the top-right-hand corner. The Clerk of Court will no longer accept documents for recording without this space. Please see Rule 2.520, and MyPalmBeachClerk.com. You may also contact the Clerk of Court for further information as to the specific documents required.

Local Rule 4

Strict compliance with amended Local Rule 4. Prior to setting a matter on the motion calendar, the party or counsel noticing the motion shall attempt to resolve the matter and shall certify the good faith attempt to resolve. See amended Local Rule 4.

Self-Represented Parties (Pro Se)

If you are a self-represented pro se party (with no attorney), you must contact the Family Court Case Manager, Erika Ireland, at 561-330-1733, for questions and guidance regarding your case.

To receive and serve court documents by email, please review Administrative Order 2.310 and complete and file a Notice of Designation of Email Address for E-Service.

Do Not Send Letters, Emails or Notes To The Court

The Court does not act on letters, notes or emails sent by either party. The Court acts on petitions or motions properly filed with the Clerk of the Court. File the appropriate petition or motion with the Clerk of the Court, send a copy to the opposing side and a courtesy copy to the Court in order for requests to be addressed by the Court. All documents emailed to the Court must state that they were emailed to the opposing side in the same email or they will be returned as ex parte communication.