RB Divisional News

pdf.png Small Claims Clinic Schedule

Attention:  E-filing and E-service procedures for Division RB have changed.  Please refer to the Divisional Instructions page link on this website

We are participating in online scheduling for UMC's and Short Special Set Hearings at this time (15 & 30 mins). Please refer to the "Divisional Instructions" page for more information. 

NOTE: Telephonic Appearances for UMCs are Monday afternoon only.  No Telephonic Appearances on Friday morning UMCs. Friday morning UMC's are walk in. All special set hearings must be coordinated through the judicial assitant by emailing CAD-DivisionRB@pbcgov.org. No e-courtesy orders uploads will be accepted. Please refer to the  Divisional Instructions before scheduling through the online calendar for important information.

Special Set hearings will be calendared online beginning November 1st, 2018.


 Online Scheduling