RD Divisional News

COVID-19 UPDATE May 5, 2020

Pursuant to Supreme Court and Local Administrative Order, AOSC20-12, AOSC 20-13, and AO 12.510, all non-essential in person proceeding are hereby suspended.

Small Claim Pretrials

Small Claim Pretrial Conferences will be held telephonically until May 29, 2020. Any Pretrial Conferences set on April 8, April 14, April 22, April 28, were reset to a later date and parties will receive notification via US mail or e-service.

For May 6 and May 20, parties shall appear remotely through Zoom. An order detailing the process will be sent to parties. If the Defendant in a Small Claim case has not been served, the Pretrial Conference will be cancelled and an order directing Plaintiff to contact the Clerk of Court will be entered.

PIP Pretrials

PIP Pretrial Conference scheduled at 9:30AM will be going forward telephonically. All parties shall dial in using the conference call information located on the 15th Judicial Circuit PIP webpage. We encourage parties to submit stipulations and waivers timely.

UMC Hearings

This division has amended its procedure on UMC hearings effective after May 7, 2020. All UMC events will be held via Zoom conference meeting. The use of multiple methods of appearance for UMC hearing will not be done after May 7, 2020. A separate Zoom conference will be set up for each UMC date for the Month of May. We will identify cases set through the OLS system and send out an email prior to the UMC date with the Zoom meeting ID and Password. If you do not receive this information, please contact the JA at CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org.

If parties object to the use of a group Zoom conference for UMC, they are encouraged to set their event during any special set time available in the 15th Circuit OLS and provide the Court with the details for electronic appearance on the Notice of Hearing filed.

Any parties who resolve issues previously set on UMC may cancel the event and submit proposed orders to the Court via Online Scheduling.

Special Set Hearings

All special set hearings will be conducted telephonically and should be set through the 15th Circuit Online Scheduling. The Moving Party shall be responsible for coordinating the conference between parties and shall put the conferencing information in the Notice of Hearing. At least 48 hours before the scheduled hearing send a courtesy notice to CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org confirming the hearing and a list of all motions to be heard. Please keep in mind that telephonic hearings take longer than in-person hearings, please be patient and wait on the line until the Court joins the call.

For evidentiary hearings and trials: Before the hearing and/or trial can go forward, the parties are requested to stipulate to the admissibility of evidence to the greatest extent possible. All parties must exchange evidence no later than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the hearing/trial (if not already exchanged pursuant to the pre-trial order), and email a courtesy copy to CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org. Any party objecting to the admission of evidence shall file their specific objections and basis for same and send a courtesy copy to CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org. Oaths for witnesses shall be administered remotely in accordance with Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC20-16.

Any parties who resolve issues previously set for hearing may submit proposed orders in Word format to the Court via Online Scheduling.


The Governor has issued Executive Order 20-94. This order suspends and tolls eviction cases for non-payment of rent until May 18, 2020. Thus the five day requirement to deposit funds with the Clerk is tolled. Defendants should still file an answer with the Clerk of Court, any answer should include Case Number, Defendant's name, phone number and email address. Any payments to the Registry and responses eviction complaints should continue to be submitted to the Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County. The Court will not be entering defaults for failure to pay money into the Court Registry until May 18, 2020.

Case Management Conferences

All Case Management conferences set for April 14, April 28, May 12, May 18 and May 26 will be reset to a later date and parties will receive notification via mail or e-service.

Lack of Prosecution Hearings

All Lack of Prosecution hearings scheduled for April 2, 2020 are cancelled and have been reset to June 12, 2020.

All Lack of Prosecution hearings scheduled for May 8, 2020 will be conducted telephonically.

The Court is committed to maintaining judicial workflow during the COVID-19 crisis. For any party wishing to have your non-essential matters heard remotely, please contact the Court via the divisional email and the Court will use its best efforts to accommodate all request to have matters heard efficiently and fairly.

Proposed orders

Beginning immediately all Orders for Division RD are to be submitted in Word format through the 15th Judicial Circuit Online Services through the Online Scheduling. Any supporting documents for the Court to review should be efiled with the Clerk and then submitted as attachments to the order. If your order contains footnotes, please contact CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org.

Please continue to monitor 15thcircuit.com and Judge Corlew's webpage for updated information.

Local Rule 4

pdf Local Rule No. 4

Prior to setting a matter on the motion calendar, the party or attorney noticing the motion shall attempt to resolve the matter and shall certify the good faith attempt to resolve.


To cancel a UMC hearing, the parties should cancel the event directly through OLS and file their Notice of Cancellation with the Clerk's Office.

To cancel a hearing (SPECIAL SETS only), please file a Notice of Cancellation with the Clerk's Office. Please send a courtesy copy to the division email cad-divisionRD@pbcgov.org.


County Court Division RD participates in the Court's online-eservice program in "Judicial eservice" (optional electronic mailing of orders from Court to Counsel/Registered Parties). If any counsel and or/party are not registered with the Court's online system, counsel shall provide self-addressed stamped envelopes for these parties to be served. See Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.516. See Also Administrative Order 2.310.

Division RD is currently e-serving Orders to Attorneys/parties who have registered their primary and secondary email addresses with the 15th Judicial Circuit. Ensure your registration for Judicial E-Service.

Please note that E-Filing is the electronic filing of documents with the office of the Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County. See Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.515.

Strict Compliance with Amended RJA 2.520

Effective January 1, 2015, The Florida Supreme Court mandated space for recording, date and time stamps on documents. All documents filed with the Court must have one-inch margins on all sides. All documents to be recorded in the Official Records must also have a blank 3-inch x 3-inch space on the top right of the first page and a blank 1-inch x 3-inch space on the top right of all subsequent pages (e.g. Judgments, Orders of Dismissal, Stipulations of Dismissal/Settlement). Documents that do not comply with these rules will be returned to the sender for correction prior to being filed with the Clerk & Comptroller. See Florida Supreme Court Order SC14-721; Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520.

Thank you everyone for your professionalism and courtesy.

Our Divisional Instructions and Suspension Calendar are very helpful in setting your hearings. Please use them as a guideline.