Job Postings

Court Analyst

The Court Analyst is assigned to create and provide statistical and data reports for effective case management in Court Administration. The primary objective of this position is to assist the Trial Court Administrator and Director of Case Management with court operations by compiling, analyzing and presenting data relative to case types, divisional case-loads, the Florida Supreme Court’s Summary Reporting System (SRS) and Uniform Case Reporting (UCR). This work is performed with relative independence and is reviewed through regular meetings with the Director of Case Management.

Court Program Specialist II

This position is responsible for effective case management procedures of Probate cases. The Probate Case Manager is responsible for maintaining and tracking compliance with Florida Statutes, Rules of Procedure and local rule requirements governing probate estates and guardianship cases. Work involves tracking and monitoring caseloads and guiding cases through the appropriate court processes. This position will travel between courthouses while working under direct supervision of the Probate Operations Manager and is reviewed through reports, conferences and results achieved.

Court Program Specialist II

This position is responsible for developing and employing effective case management procedures that assist with the identification and coordination of Juvenile Dependency Court cases. The essential function of the position within the organization is to assist judges and magistrates with the timely disposition of cases through case management, case monitoring and program implementation. The position is responsible for providing information to litigants and trial court staff, reviewing filings and making referrals to community-based services, managing and preparing cases for court hearings and briefing judges, attending hearings, and other trial court proceedings, maintaining record/filing system, and performing related administrative support functions. Uncompromising integrity and confidentiality is required of the individual in this position. The Court Program Specialist II serves as a liaison between the judiciary and court administration while working under direct supervision of the Juvenile Court Services Manager and is reviewed through reports, conferences, and results achieved.

Digital Court Reporter (DCR)

As a Digital Court Reporter, you will be part of a team that ensures court proceedings are being digitally recorded. In this position, you will transcribe court proceedings and perform research for the judiciary and the public. The position works under direct supervision according to set procedures. Occasional travel to the other Circuit courthouses may be required.

Juvenile Court Case Manager

This is an administrative position assigned to provide case management services for delinquency cases in Juvenile Court. The position is also responsible for expanding prevention and intervention services to court-involved youth and their families. Additional responsibilities include working towards reducing recidivism by identifying and linking services, delinquency related programming, helping to create initiatives and protocols and producing statistical reports. The Juvenile Court Case Manager works under the direct supervision of the Juvenile Court Operations Manager and work is reviewed through regular meetings and monthly reports.

Mediation Services Coordinator/Mediator

This position coordinates and administers court mediation programs. And, is responsible for scheduling volunteer and contract mediators, serves as a liaison, reviews files for referral, performs related administrative functions, and mediates, as needed. The person in this position will also be responsible for coordinating education seminars and maintaining required statistical data. Working relationships are established with judges, court personnel, attorneys, and the general public. This position exercises independent judgment and works under the supervision of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Director and other duties as directed. Travel to the other Circuit courthouses is required.

Project Manager (Purchasing Manager)

This is highly responsible work involving the budgeting of court and joint court-county projects, and the administration of county facility-related projects and in-house court projects. The Project Manager (“Manager”) acts as the court’s liaison to county staff on joint court-county projects and is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of specific projects while ensuring these projects are on time, on budget, and within scope. The Manager will oversee all aspects of projects including determining the furnishing and renovation needs; researching pricing; and implements the acquisition of needed products. Sets deadlines, develops short and long-term goals, assigns responsibilities, monitors and summarizes progress of the project. The Manager will coordinate with various court partners and prepare reports regarding the status of the projects. The work requires considerable contact with county staff, clerk staff, judges, judicial assistants, and court staff. The work is performed independently, under the general supervision of the Trial Court Administrator and is reviewed through conferences, reports and evaluations of results obtained.

Trial Court Staff Attorney

The essential function of the position within the organization is to assist the judiciary with case management, pending litigation and issues, and/or process criminal and civil appeals. The position is responsible for drafting memoranda, opinions, orders and reports; conducting legal research; reviewing briefs and case files; and advising judges on pending litigation and issues.