Magistrate Division

Magistrate Bassaline will be presiding over South County Family Division cases wherein the last name of the male litigant begins with the letters A –K. Magistrate Bassaline will be conducting hearings in Hearing Room C.

Recent Updates

Effective February 23, 2016 all orders of referral to the General Magistrate must reflect "Room C" under the case number and division.

Effective February 23, 2016 the court will no longer accept orders of referrals which refer multiple motions/petitions to the general magistrate. Each motion/petition must be referred to the general magistrate by a separate order of referral.


The Magistrate participates in the Court's online/eservice program in "Judicial E-Service" (optional electronic mailing of orders from Court to Counsel./Registered Parties). Primary and secondary email addresses registered with the 15th Judicial Circuit will receive E-Service. If any counsel and/or party are not registered with the Court's online system, counsel shall provide self-addressed stamped envelopes for the parties to be served. You can ensure your registration for Judicial E-Service via the Online Services page. See Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.516. See also Administrative Oder 2.310.


Please note that E-Filing is the electronic filing of documents with the office of the Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County. See Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.515. For more information on E-Filing, please call (561) 355-2986 or reference The Palm Beach County Clerk's site.

Designation of Record Newspaper

Effective October 2, 2015, in accordance with Florida Statute 50.0711(2), the designated Record o Newspaper for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach County, Florida will be The Palm Beach Post. See Administrative Order 2.104.

Strict Compliance with Amended RJA 2.520

Effective January 1, 2015, The Florida Supreme Court mandated space for recording, date and time stamps on documents. ALL documents filed with the Court must have one-inch margins on all sides. All documents to be recorded in the Official Records must also have a blank 3-inch x 3-inch space on the top right of the first page and a blank 1-inch x 3-inch space on the top right of all subsequent pages. Documents that do not comply with these rules will be returned to sender for correction prior to being filed with the Court. See Florida Supreme Court Order SC14-721; Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520. See also The Palm Beach County Clerk's site