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Juvenile Judicial Review (JO, JL, JM, JK)

Procedures for Judicial Reviews/Permanency Hearings before General Magistrate Jennifer Printz while Non-Essential Hearings are Suspended Pursuant to Administrative Order 12.510 (Mitigating Measures in Response to COVID-19)

Pursuant to Administrative Order 12.510, all non-essential court proceedings are currently suspended unless the presiding judicial officer determines that the matter may be effectively conducted remotely with all parties using communication equipment.

Judicial reviews and permanency hearings are non-essential hearings. While non-essential hearings are suspended, all Judicial Reviews/Permanency Hearings that are held will be conducted using communications equipment. If there are changes to Administrative Order 12.510, then these directions will be updated.

Any hearings that cannot be effectively conducted remotely with all parties using communication equipment will be continued or re-set to a later date depending upon the circumstances. If counsel believes that a particular hearing falls into this category, please e-mail Kettly Fertil ( and all counsel of record as soon as practicable.

For hearings that can be effectively conducted remotely with all parties using communication equipment, the following procedures will apply:

  1. Unless otherwise specified, we will be using Zoom to conduct all hearings remotely. Zoom supports participation by both internet users (audio and video) and telephone users (audio only). A Zoom conference can occur with some participants appearing via the internet and others appearing via telephone.
  2. Zoom conferences can be accessed with an internet browser or by downloading the Zoom application on your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Downloading and installing the Zoom application takes a few minutes, so this must be done in advance of the hearing.
  3. Attorneys are strongly encouraged to use Zoom via the internet (browser or application) rather than appearing by telephone. Please note that video participation requires a camera and audio participation requires a microphone.
  4. Using Zoom via the internet (browser or application) allows witnesses to appear via video. Pursuant to AOSC20-16, witnesses appearing by audio-video equipment can be sworn in remotely.
  5. Anyone without internet access can call into the Zoom conference with a normal telephone. The toll-free phone number for accessing the Zoom conferences is 1-888-475-4499. The meeting ID: 821 3909 8859 must be entered after dialing the phone number. Counsel will be responsible for providing their clients with this meeting ID. This meeting ID will be used for all hearings before the magistrate.
  6. Given the nature of these remote proceedings, it is very important that hearings begin and end on time. Any hearing that cannot be completed in the allotted time (generally 30 minutes) may be continued or reset.
  7. All attendees MUST mute themselves when they are not speaking.
  8. All attendees MUST remember that this is a court proceeding and must dress and act accordingly.
  9. Incarcerated Parties: All appearances by inmates must be remote.

    Palm Beach County Jail: Please contact Kettly Fertil ( as soon as possible if there is an incarcerated party at Main Detention Center or West Detention Center who will appear at a hearing telephonically so that the appearance can be coordinated by the Magistrate's office with PBSO.

    Department of Corrections and out-of-county jails: Counsel is responsible for setting up DOC or out-of-county jail telephonic appearances. Counsel is to contact Kettly Fertil ( as soon as possible if a case involves a DOC-incarcerated parent so that the invitation for the Zoom hearing can be generated and provided to the jail or prison.

  10. Interpreters: Please contact Kettly Fertil ( in advance of the hearing if an interpreter is needed so that the Zoom invitation can be forwarded to the interpreter's office and so that the Zoom meeting can be configured to have the concurrent interpretation setting turned on.

There will likely be "hiccups" as everyone becomes accustomed to this new procedure. The procedures outlined herein will be continually assessed and updated as problems and solutions are identified. Please e-mail if you have any suggestions or questions.

Stay healthy,

General Magistrate Jennifer Printz