Cheesman and Shull

New Assignments

Effective June 6: the Hon. Maxine Chessman is assigned to Circuit Civil Division AJ, Courtroom 11D. The Hon. Darren Shull is assigned to Division FA, Courtroom 6D.

Closing of Division AB

To facilitate the separation of the probate and family divisions, Circuit Civil Division AB is being closed. Attorneys, parties and pro se litigants with cases currently assigned to Division AB should be aware of the following:

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Changes to Divisions

Commencing July 5, 2022, the probate and family divisions of the Court will be reorganized. The following changes will be implemented:

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Nursing room

Nursing Room for Mothers

The 15th Circuit offers lactation rooms, in the Main Courthouse and the South County Courthouse, for the benefit of nursing mothers. Court Administration helps assist mothers in need of access to the FAWL sponsored nursing room. FAWL has outfitted a room in West County which will become available to nursing mothers in May 2022. More info.