Court Technology

The Court Technology Department is responsible for providing the technical equipment, technical support, web support, and caseload reports for the judges and staff of the Circuit. The Department also has authority over and administers technology in the courtrooms and hearing rooms. Court Technology is managed by the Court Technology Officer under the direction of the Trial Court Administrator. The staff include Network Administrators, Systems Administrators, Programmers, Computer Specialists and a Trainer.

How to:

Register for online services from the court?
E-service from the court requires separate registration than party to party e-service. To learn more about e-service see the Online Services page.
Register for online scheduling.
Visit our Online Scheduling page
Learn more about e filing?
To learn more about e-filing visit E-filing Resources  for the Florida Bar.
Learn more about statewide technology initiatives?
For more information visit the Florida Courts Technology Commission.
Request courtroom evidence presentation technology?
Hardware is available on a first come, first served basis. To request hardware please complete the Media Request Form. There is no charge for hardware in due process cases. A nominal fee is charged by the law library for all other hardware rentals.
Connect to wireless?
Palm Beach County provides wireless connectivity in each of the courthouses. Users can access the network by connecting to PBC_WIFI. No password is required for this public wifi. Users will be required to reconnect for each visit to the courthouse.
Obtain a transcript or a copy of my court recorded hearing?
Information concerning court recordings, prices, policies and procedures can be found on the Court Reporting page.

Additional Information

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Noel Chessman
Court Technology Officer
Jose Chazhur
Administrative Assistant