Probate Division

Registry for new and renewing professional guardians for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit’s Professional Guardians Registry for the Wheel has now closed.

Important Update:

The Fifteenth Circuit uses an ex parte calendaring app that serves all probate divisions in South County, North County and West Palm Beach.

The ex parte calendaring application can be accessed by clicking the button below or selecting "View All Web Applications" in the Circuit Web Applications box on our home page.”

 Online Scheduling

Prior to first use, users must create an account in the Court's Online Services (current users can use their existing account). A brief "how to" registration video is available (here).

The Probate Division handles all matters relating to the validity and execution of wills, appointment of guardians, trusts, incompetencies (Baker Act), involuntary treatment of alcoholics (Marchman Act), and involuntary commitments not related to the Baker or Marchman Acts. The probate process involves collecting a decedent's assets, liquidating liabilities, paying necessary taxes, and distributing property to heirs. These activities are carried out by the executor of the estate.

The Mental Health Division ensures expedited judicial intervention concerning medical treatment.

Guardianship involves judicial decisions relating to the need and extent of a guardian for incapacitated individuals. Guardianships assist incapacitated persons by ensuring that the essential requirements for their physical health and safety are met; protect their legal rights; maintain their financial resource; and help in the development or in developing or regaining their abilities, to the extent possible. The court will appoint an attorney for each person alleged to be incapacitated. The individual may substitute his or her own attorney for the court appointed attorney.

pdf Approved Professional Guardian Wheel
pdf Fingerprint Electronic Only and Credit Reports for All Guardians
Case Managers
Division Case Manager Phone
IB, IC, ID Vacant (561) 355-3954
IX,IY,IZ Tehera Smith (561) 274-1434
IX,IY,IZ Diane Kahn (561) 274-1424
II, IH, IJ Tehera Smith (561) 624-6516

Probate Forms and Orders

  Ex-parte Calendar
word document Order Setting Trial
word docuemnt Order Directing Counsel to Supervise the Deposit of Funds
pdf Uniform Pretrial Order
pdf Probate Checklist
word document Guardianship Final Disposition Form
word docuemnt Probate Final Disposition Form
Tehera Smith
Operations Manager
(561) 274-1434