Court Programs

The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida is in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title II
The Caring Canines Program offers trained, therapeutic dogs to children attending court
Process Servers are certified by the Chief Judge and the program is administered by the Administrative Office of the Court.
Application procedures and information for Court Appointed Attorneys.
The goal of the judicial reviews is to help the parties attain permanency in dependency cases.
The Domestic Violence case managers provide referrals, case assessment, case management, and assist the judges.
The Drug Court programs aid adults, juveniles and families who are dealing with substance abuse.
Families in conflict turn to Eldercaring Coordination for help to resolve their disagreements regarding the autonomy, care, and safety of older adults.
Expert witnesses provide competency evaluations, incapacity examinations, and psychological and social investigations.
The Alternative Sanctions Program maintains an array of alternatives for youth in contempt of court.
Neutral and impartial mediators act to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute without prescribing what it should be.
As authorized by Chapter 741, the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit maintains a roster of area premarital preparation course providers.
Supervised Visitation Programs are designed to assure that a child can have safe contact with an absent parent.
The Vehicle Immobilization / Impoundment Program is administered by the Administrative Office of the Court.
The Volunteer Program gives our citizens an opportunity to become actively involved in their judicial branch of government.
Witness Management schedules, conducts, transcribes and maintains records of criminal discovery depositions.