JAC Billing Information

August 6, 2010

In light of recent statutory changes and the adoption of uniform statewide rates for court reporters and investigators, JAC has promulgated many new JAC Invoice Voucher Covers for use in submitting billings for attorney's fees, due process costs or related expenses. Any billing submitted to JAC must use the appropriate and current voucher cover for that type of billing. JAC staff has noted that some attorneys and due process vendors are using incorrect or superseded voucher covers for the submission of their billings.

It is the responsibility of attorneys and due process providers to use correct and current voucher covers. These voucher covers are updated from time to time to take into account changes in law and policy. For example, because of changes in law effective July 1, 2010, substantial adjustments were made to the voucher covers. The current voucher covers are posted on the Just Administrative Commission's website

The JAC Invoice Voucher Covers require the submission of information necessary for JAC to review a billing for compliance with statutory and contractual requirements. The failure to use the appropriate voucher cover can result in essential information being omitted from the billing. This can delay the processing of the billing as well as other billings because JAC staff has to spend substantial time obtaining the information that would have been included if the attorney or vendor had used the appropriate voucher cover.

JAC has also noted a problem with attorneys and due process vendors failing to provide JAC with essential supporting documentation or failing to respond to billing audit deficiencies in a timely fashion. JAC has limited resources and those attorneys and due process vendors who fail to provide essential information and documentation with their billings result in JAC staff spending unnecessary time to review and process those billings. This can result in delays in payment to other vendors who have been diligent in the submission of their billings.

JAC may return any billing submitted using an incorrect or superseded voucher cover with directions that the attorney or due process vendor resubmits the billing using the correct and current voucher cover. Similarly, JAC may elect to return any billing lacking essential information or documentation required under the JAC Agreement or Policies and Procedures.

If you need assistance in completing the appropriate JAC Invoice Voucher Cover, please contact the JAC Help Desk toll-free at (866) 355-7902 or via e-mail at helpdesk@justiceadmin.org.

One final note, by January 1, 2011, attorneys and due process providers must participate in a direct deposit program which allows for transfer of funds electronically to an account at a federal-chartered or state-chartered financial institution. If an attorney or due process provider seeks an exemption from this provision, the attorney or due process provider must submit in writing a request for exemption specifically delineating why he or she cannot comply with this provision.

JAC does not review or process the application to setup electronic funds transfer. The application must be submitted directly to the Department of Financial Services (DFS). Information and the forms necessary are available on DFS's website

Once completed, the form should be sent to:

Direct Deposit Section
Department of Financial Services
200 E. Gaines St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0359

Please do not send these forms to JAC. JAC cannot process or review these forms.

It is important that attorneys and due process vendors setup direct deposit as soon as feasible. DFS can take as long as six weeks to process an application for electronic funds transfer. Absent a waiver or other exceptional circumstances, JAC cannot issue payment to an attorney or vendor on or after January 1, 2011, until the attorney or vendor has setup electronic funds transfer. The failure to setup direct deposit timely could result in substantial delays in payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the JAC Help Desk toll-free at (866) 355-7902 or via e-mail at helpdesk@justiceadmin.org.

July 9, 2010

Dear Registry Attorneys, IFC Attorneys, and/or Due Process Vendors:

This communication serves as follow up to the prior memoranda recently issued regarding statutory and contractual changes. In light of the new statutory changes, JAC has issued a new memorandum reminding attorneys of the need to provide appropriate notice to JAC regarding motions related to attorney's fees and due process costs. This memorandum also advises attorneys regarding a manner in which attorney's may submit motions and other legal pleadings through electronic mail rather than by fax or mail.

JAC has also issued another memorandum relating to court reporter issues and the implementation of statewide rates.

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