Witness Management

COVID Procedures

The following measures shall be implemented to protect the health and safety of all who utilize the services of Witness Management:

  • No more than ten people will be permitted in Witness Management at any given time. This count includes the two Witness Management employees
  • The two large deposition rooms will be the only rooms utilized, with no more than four occupants at a time six feet apart
  • Facial coverings must be wore at all times by every occupant including employees
  • Depositions must be set at least 15 minutes apart
  • After each deposition, the room will be sanitized by a Witness Management employee
  • No one will be permitted to congregate in the waiting area. All parties will be placed immediately in a deposition room upon entry into Witness Management
  • Depositions will be scheduled online and followed up with a courtesy email letting Witness Management employees know that an “in person” deposition is scheduled
  • The purpose of opening WM is to host witnesses that absolutely need to be done in person (victims).

To ensure the safety of all, Witness Management employees have the right to refuse anyone who does not comply with the protocol as stated above.

The Witness Management Office was created in 1991 by pdf Administrative Order 2.501 . Witness Management schedules, conducts, transcribes and maintains records of criminal discovery depositions taken by the Public Defender, Office of Regional Criminal Conflict, and Court Appointed Attorneys (primarily for felony cases).

If you are a Private attorney trying to set depositions, please refer to pdf Administrative Order 2.107.

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Email address: CAD-witnessmanagementoffice@pbcgov.org

Jennifer Ford
Program Manager
(561) 355-6315

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm

Deposition Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 4:30pm