Court Administration

The Court Administrator, in conjunction with the Chief Judge, oversees all judicial and non-judicial matters arising within the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. Under the direction of the Court Administrator, the Administrative Office of the Court serves as the operational hub for the Circuit. A staff of nearly 200 state and county employees addresses the day-to-day needs of the courts, enabling the Circuit's 54 judges and 9 magistrates to operate effectively and efficiently.

The Administrative Office of the Court provides legal research for the judiciary, information and technology development and support, fiscal and court operations, human resource development, procurement management and facilities planning, and physical security of the courts. Non-judicial staff assist in chambers, in court, or provide a myriad of services through the numerous court-related programs developed to address the needs of the Circuit's citizens. This includes court reporting and interpreting, case management, mediation, courtroom operations, public information services, law libraries, and more. Specialized programs developed to address the specific demands on our circuit's courts are described on this web site.

The Administrative Office of the Court also acts as a liaison among the courts, the legal community and the citizens of Palm Beach County, as well as local, state and federal governmental agencies. This office also serves as a liaison among the Bench, the Bar and numerous public and private organizations to handle a variety of court-related concerns.

The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit is committed to providing qualified interpreters in order to eliminate communication barriers.
The Court Reporting Department was established in 1991. As employees of the court, ownership of the record belongs to the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.
The Court Technology Department is responsible for providing the technical equipment and support for the judges and staff of the Circuit.
Court Finance manages the Circuit's financial operations, both state and county, for all five courthouse locations.
The Law Library provides the public with access to legal information resources and services.
The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit is pleased to provide information to the media to assist you in your coverage of court proceedings.
Neutral and impartial mediators act to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute without prescribing what it should be.
The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Trial Court Law Clerks work to provide legal research and trial support to the judiciary.