Juvenile Division

Detention and Shelter Hearings (Monday-Friday)

May be joined via Zoom or phone:

Via Zoom

Hearing Type Start Time Zoom Meeting ID Passcode
Detention Hearing 1:00 pm Zoom Link 964 8929 5046 894668
Shelter Hearing 2:00 pm Zoom Link 959 2585 2654 543499

Via Phone

All listed hearings may be accessed via phone using the following phone numbers:

Hearing Type Start Time Phone Number Meeting ID Passcode
Detention Hearing 1:00 pm US Toll-free 877-853-5257
US Toll-free 888-475-4499
964 8929 5046 894668
Shelter Hearing 2:00 pm US Toll-free 877-853-5257
US Toll-free 888-475-4499
959 2585 2654 543499

Community Service

PDF logo Listing of Community Service Opportunities for Court-Involved Youth
PDF logo Kids Kards

Teen Employment

PDF logo Listing of Employment Opportunities for Youth

Program Videos

YouTube logo Juvenile Drug Court Video
YouTube logo Family (Dependency) Treatment Court Video

Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court is the Division of the Circuit Court that holds jurisdiction over dependency and juvenile delinquency matters. Delinquency matters are those in which individuals under the age of eighteen violate the law. The Fifteenth Circuit has implemented numerous programs and offers resources to assist youth and families.

Dependency matters involve children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected or surrendered for adoption. Judges must make decisions regarding the custodial placement of dependent children and determine the "best interests" of the child. In these cases, Children's Legal Services represents the Department of Children & Families. Parents involved in dependency court are also entitled to legal representation and may obtain an attorney on their own or the court will appoint legal counsel on their behalf.

Case Management
Division Case Manager Phone Location
JA Akia Kerr (561) 355-6858 Main Judicial Complex
JK Angela Monk (561) 355-6149 Main Judicial Complex
JL Kelly Gould (561) 355-1920 Main Judicial Complex
JM Akia Kerr (561) 355-6858 Main Judicial Complex
JO Cristy Altaro (561) 355-6586 Main Judicial Complex
JS Jasmine Valdez (561) 330-1772 South County Courthouse
Delinquency Sarah Freglette (561) 355-2961 Main Judicial Complex
Juvenile Drug Court Brandon Richardson (561) 355-6624 Main Judicial Complex
Family (Dependency) Treatment Court Rachel Lively (561) 355-6319 Main Judicial Complex
Early Childhood Court Anna Branney (561) 355-6143 Main Judicial Complex

Program Links

  Family (Dependency) Treatment Court
  Early Childhood Court
  Juvenile Drug Court
  Community Service Calendar
  Juvenile Education Clinics
  Caring Canines Therapy Dog Program
  Dually Involved Case Management

Additional Information

pdf 2024 Community Service Opportunities for Court-Involved Youth pdf Expunction Fact Sheet
pdf Community Service Credit Hours pdf Emancipation Fact Sheet
pdf Job Information pdf Emancipation Petition Sample
pdf Juvenile Court Costs pdf Juvenile Alternative Sanctions
pdf Understanding Delinquency Fact Sheet Military FAQ 
pdf Getting Ready for College? Need Help Funding Your College Education?
pdf Sexing Citation Information Resources for Families 

Independent Living Court

The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit's Independent Living Review (ILR) Court offers individualized hearings for youth who will age out of the child welfare system. These hearings help to ensure that the aging out youth are provided with life skills and services that will assist them transition to a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Recent Training/Event Resources

pdf Children in Court
PowerPoint logo Palm Beach County – School Justice Partnership
Cristy Altaro
Juvenile Operations Manager
(561) 355-6586
(561) 355-7914