The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Local Professionalism Panel (“LPP”) receives, screens, and acts on any referrals of claimed unprofessional conduct and addresses those referrals informally, if possible. The LPP is an informal peer-to-peer mentoring process for addressing instances of unprofessional conduct that is separate and apart from the formal disciplinary process.

Qualified persons who are interested in serving on the Local Professionalism Panel for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit are invited to e-mail the Office of the General Counsel between June 1 and June 25 of each calendar year with the following information:

  • Name and Florida Bar Number
  • Statement of having practiced law at least 5 years
  • Area of practice or specialty
  • Identify past LPP service and/or professionalism training experience
Administrative Order 2.105.pdf, relating to the Circuit’s LPP
Current List of Members
Referral form for the local professionalism panel.


  Palm Beach County Bar Association
  Palm Beach County Bar Association Professionalism Committee
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