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Courtroom Equipment FAQs

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Are the Barco click share devices in every courtroom?
Yes, there is a click share designed for each courtroom.
Do you have to run the executable file every time?
No, just once and it will allow you to use different courtrooms' click share devices.
Can two people share at once?
No, only one person can share at a time.
When will the Barco indicate that I am sharing my screen?
When the button is red, you are sharing and when the button is white you are not.
Will the Barco click share play sound and video?
Yes, you can share videos and documents with sound.
Is the Barco click share compatible with Apple?
Yes, the Barco click share is USB.
Will the Barco button work with USB-C?
No, you will need to have an adapter (USB to USB-C) for the Barco to be enabled.
How do I turn on the Hovercam?
At the base of the tablet, on the left side there is a power button.
Is the hovercam wireless?
Yes, the Hovercam is wireless but will need to be charge frequently with a power cable.
How do I utilize the document camera on the Hovercam?
Begin by pushing on the top left of the tablet, this will pop out a camera arm that you can extend to utilize the camera.
How do I know if the Hovercam is paired with the TV?
On top of the TV, there will be a receiver that will have a blue solid light indicating the connection is established with the Hovercam.
How do I utilize the document camera?
Open up the Hovercam flex application on the tablet's desktop and begin presenting evidence under the camera.
Can I annotate within the Hovercam?
Yes, within the Hovercam you will be able to annotate using the touch screen tablet and save annotations.
How do I receive my documents with annotations?
Save documents to a USB drive or email them directly to yourself.
How do I know if the Hovercam is charged?
On the top left corner on the Hovercam stand, there is a charging status.
Why is the camera not working?
Ensure that the document camera is fully extended out.
How do I upload my documents to the Hovercam to operate the annotation features?
Insert an USB and open File Explorer, or you can use physical evidence by using the document camera.
How do I zoom in on the document camera?
Use the zoom feature on the bottom to zoom in and out or use the manual buttons on the top right of the tablet.
How does the meeting Owl appear on Zoom?
The meeting Owl is plugged into the Zoom computer that the judge will be utilizing.
How will Zoom participants see people in the courtroom on Zoom?
The meeting Owl will capture a 360 panoramic view of the entire courtroom.
How does the meeting Owl know where to focus its camera?
The meeting Owl has a feature called The Enhance Feature, the camera will focus on whoever is speaking in the courtroom.
Will I be able to use the meeting Owl application to control the camera?
No, only the Judge and Judicial Assistants will be allowed to control the meeting Owl application and additional features.
Will the meeting Owl be able to hear everyone in the courtroom?
Yes, the Owl camera has a microphone built into it.
How do I know if the meeting Owl is turned on?
The meeting Owl has two white lights that indicate that it is on.
What is the red light on the meeting Owl?
A red light will illuminate on the base of the unit when the microphone is muted.
What is the range of the meeting Owl camera?
The range of the meeting Owl is up to 12ft for best audio and video performance.
How do I get to the Cynap computer?
Touch on the monitor, click on the orange plus sign, and select Cynap as the input.
Why won't the monitor switch to the Zoom computer?
Ensure the input selected on the orange plus sign is the Zoom computer.
I am an attorney, how to I switch between Cynap and the attorney computer?
Click on the switch, which is located near the monitor arm base. This will switch the computer input, between the attorney PC or Wolfvision computer.
Unable to connect to Solution application from counsel tables
Ensure you are connecting to correct courtroom Cynap and entering in the correct password, which is given by the judge on the splash screen.
How do I get to the splash screen?
Select the 3 icons on the left side of the screen.
Where can I find the Wi-Fi password?
On the judge's splash screen the QR code and Wi-Fi name and password will be displayed.

This will also be printed out on a handout for the set courtroom.

What is the pin number to share your screen?
The PIN number is located on the top of the judge's screen

This PIN number will regenerate every hour

This PIN number is the PIN for joining the Wi-Fi

Will Cynap kick me off after the PIN number expires?
No, only if you disconnect the presentation.
Why isn't  the Zoom PC showing up on the Cynap input?
Check that the Zoom PC is on

Ensure the monitor is on

Which input is Cynap on TV?
HDMI 1, check the remote for the input for Cynap
How do I broadcast from the counsel table for the judge to see?
Click on the KVM switch to switch over to Cynap

Open the solution shortcut, select display settings, and select Cynap

How do I save the annotation to submit for evidence?
There will be a file folder for all saved documents with annotations
How will counsel present evidence for the jury and gallery to see?
The Cynap will be connected to the TV for viewing by all

Courtroom Evidence Equipment Tutorials

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