Magistrate Division

Division MJCLZ: Hearing Room 6F

This is divisional news only. See the Divisional Instructions for more detailed information.

Emails to the Court

Only Authorized Emails are accepted. For authorized submissions, you must contact the Magistrate's assistant for instructions. Unauthorized emails will be deleted.

Special Set Hearings or Request for Trial

Effective July 1, 2019

Before requesting a special set hearing or request for trial, the motion(s) or petition(s) must be filed and docketed with the Clerk of Court prior to requesting a hearing date and time. In keeping with professional courtesy, any party scheduling a hearing shall make a good faith attempt to resolve the matter, undertake reasonable efforts to contact the opposing party/counsel for availability or scheduling conflicts.

For matters that require a hearing before Magistrate Maxine Williams, the party requesting said hearing should submit an email to CAD-MJCL-Z@PBCGOV.ORG {with a copy to the opposing party} and the email shall include:

  1. an estimate of the time needed to hear the matter;
  2. a copy of the signed order of referral [ if necessary]; and
  3. a copy of the motion(s);
  4. the subject line of the email must include the words:

    SPECIAL SET, the case number and name of the parties


screen shot of email program showing proper addressing

The Magistrate's staff will make every effort to contact the parties to schedule a hearing. Please note that the Magistrate's office may, from time to time and as the circumstances require, schedule hearings without coordinating it with the parties or their counsel.

Online Scheduling

The Magistrate is now using Online Scheduling for UMCs.

To access online services from the 15th Circuit Website's home page click View All Web Applications under Circuit Web Applications then click online services to begin using. Or click on the button below.

Online Scheduling

UMC hearings (Scheduled online)

Schedule your hearings on line. Be sure to attach a copy of motion at the time of scheduling. You do not need to forward copies of the notice & motion for UMC hearings, they are to be uploaded at the time you schedule the hearing.

  • UMC: Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
  • See divisional instructions for more detailed information.

    Note: If you resolve or re-set your UMC hearing, please be sure to cancel your hearing on line, so the date is available for other cases.

    Each case is only permitted to have a maximum of two (2) UMC hearings on the on-line calendar, unless specifically authorized by the court. For cases that have more than one pending motion, the parties need to work together and have all the motions heard at one time on the court's trial docket. See divisional instructions for more detailed information. For Hearings scheduled on line, you may add documents for the court to review prior to the hearing through e-courtesy. See below for submission of Orders/Reports from the UMC docket.

Suspension Dates

Division MJCLZ (Magistrate Maxine Williams) will no longer post suspension dates. All UMCs are to be scheduled on line on available dates.

E-service To The Court

Only certain documents are permitted to be e-served to the court. General communications are NOT handled via e-mail. See the new instructions listed below for submission of orders.

E-Courtesy Documents

E-Courtesy has been added to Magistrate Maxine Williams's online services section and is for submission of documents that are related to hearings that are scheduled on line only. Do not submit orders through e-courtesy. See the instructions below for submission of orders/dismissals/judgments, etc.

Note: All documents for review must be timely filed and uploaded at least 2 business days prior to a hearing scheduled hearing date. The Court prepares for hearings at least 24 hours in advance. Select the on line hearing date and attach a copy of the document. Documents that are not timely furnished will not be able to be viewed unless they are timely uploaded through e-Courtesy, as it takes 2-3 business days for filed documents to be viewed on the docket.

Service of Documents On Pro Se Parties

The Court requires that all documents be furnished to pro se parties via U.S. Mail, UNLESS the party has filed a written designation for eservice of court documents. Do not add a pro se party's email to documents or the state portal unless an email designation has been filed by the party.

Telephonic Appearances

You must contact the judicial assistant each time you want to make arrangements for a telephonic appearance. All UMC telephonic appearances must be made at least three (3) full business days prior to the court hearing, to allow the vendor time to prepare paperwork for the court. Failure to do so will require your attendance at the scheduled hearing. At least one party is required to appear in person at the hearing. Please make your telephonic appearance requests as soon as a hearing is scheduled to avoid a personal appearance. See the Divisional Instructions for more details.

Unfortunately when the judicial assistant is out of the office, court call requests cannot be approved. See the divisional instructions for more information.

Documents Filed in the State E-Portal

DOCUMENTS TAKE APPROXIMATELY 2-3 DAYS TO BE DOCKETED AND VIEWED. It is extremely important to file your documents timely for the Magistrate to review.

Division MJCLZ will e-serve notices, scheduling orders and reports and recommendations via e-service to registered parties.

Note: Only the pro se parties that have filed a Notice of Email Designation will be served the documents via email. Any pro se party that has NOT filed a Notice of Email Designation must receive all documents via U.S. Mail. The party that submits the Notice to Set Trial is required to mail the Order to any and all unrepresented parties via U.S. Mail.

Notice of Settlement: When a case is settled as to ALL PARTIES and is currently set on the Magistrate's docket, the parties shall submit the Proposed Agreed Order, Agreement and all necessary child support guidelines and parenting plans by uploading the documents through the View All Web Applications on  the circuit's website. The Proposed Order shall that all issues are resolved and indicate that the hearing date is cancelled.

Submission of Proposed Reports/Orders/Judgments

Do not submit orders to the divisional CAD - follow instructions below:

  • ALL proposed report and recommendations/orders/dismissals/judgments, orders of referral etc. should be submitted through the on-line services system [OLS] without a signature line, as the orders will be signed electronically and will be E-Filed and E-Served. If the order being submitted is regarding a hearing held in open court, the date of that hearing and the parties in attendance must be included in the first sentence of the order. All reports/orders/judgments are to be reviewed by all counsel of record prior to submission. Do not submit any orders in anticipation of an upcoming hearing unless it is a UMC hearing.
  • The online scheduling system does not allow you to hold dates, so you must be sure the date is coordinated with all parties prior to setting the hearing. All motions must be filed and docketed with the clerk prior to scheduling a UMC hearing. All proposed orders must include the motion filing date.
  • The proposed reports/Orders/dismissals/judgments, etc. must be in WORD FORMAT. Do not use tables or macros with the case style or attorney names.
  • To submit your order/judgment: Log on to the NEW 15th Judicial Circuit website and click View All Web Applications under Circuit Web Applications then click online services and sign in with user name and password, then case number and follow the prompts. Pick the 3rd option: Upload a Proposed Order.
  • If you need any  help submitting proposed orders via OLS please visit the courts YouTube page for additional help.

Recorded Documents

Please review Amendment to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520(d)(1):
Documents prepared and filed by the court or by any party to a proceeding which are to be recorded in the public records of any county, require a 3 inch by 3-inch space at the top right-hand corner on the FIRST page and a 1 inch by 3-inch space at the top-right hand corner on each subsequent page shall be left BLANK and reserved for use by the clerk of court.

**Any document (Judgment/Dismissal, etc.) that does NOT have the required 3x3 blank space will NOT be recorded.