Updated Administrative Orders

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Listed below are Administrative Orders (AOs) that have been created or updated in the last ten months. Click on the AO to view an official copy.

Date Signed Number Description
11-12-2021 12.515 COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols and Operational Measures483.22 KB
11-09-2021 11.109 Duty Judge Roster193.02 KB
11-02-2021 11.101 Assignment of Judges321.82 KB
10-22-2021 12.504 County Canvassing Board287.48 KB
10-19-2021 2.601 Selection and Payment of Court Appointed Experts1.57 MB
10-19-2021 2.201 Courthouse Security and Screening376.45 KB
10-05-2021 5.101 Assignment of Unified Family Court Cases804.03 KB
10-05-2021 5.501 Domestic, Repeat, Dating and Sexual Violence Injunctions 313.9 KB
10-05-2021 5.507 South County Assignment of Repeat Violence and Stalking Violence Injunctions 384.04 KB
10-05-2021 5.508 North County Assignment of Stalking Violence Injunctions382.47 KB