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Division AK introduces the "Newer Lawyers in Courtroom Program" 

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Judge Sasser fights off cancer, remains committed to court innovation

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The NYU Law School Civil Jury Project Has Chosen to
Honor Judge Sasser as Jury Innovator of the Year (2018-2019).

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 Online Scheduling

  • In an effort to save attorneys, litigants, and the taxpayers considerable time and expense and to improve efficiency, Division AK is fully paperless. 
  • Judge Sasser will review all motions, memoranda of law and legal authority in advance of all hearings.  Accordingly, please send courtesy copies of materials for all UMC and Special Set hearings to CAD-DivisionAK@pbcgov.org
  • All proposed Orders and Final Judgments should be submitted using the Online Services.  Online services are available through the on-line scheduling platform.  Please make sure you email all proposed Orders and Judgments to all counsel and parties on all cases prior to uploading to the Online Services System.
  • We are here to efficiently serve all counsel, jurors, litigants and the public.  Accordingly, all emails and phone calls will be promptly and professionally returned by the Court. Please email all questions or inquiries to Judge Sasser's Judicial Assistant, Michele Smith, at msmith1@pbcgov.org.