AO Divisional News

Judge James Nutt is honored to preside over Circuit Civil Division AO
Millie Noonan is the Judicial Assistant
Matt Carreiro is our Courtroom Deputy Sheriff

NOTE: This page provides Divisional News only. See the Divisional Instructions page (link to the right) for more detailed information.

Beginning June 21, 2021, all Bench and Jury trials will be conducted live in the Courtroom. All parties and attorneys will be expected to appear live. Witnesses may appear remotely IF given advance approval well before trial.

For the time being, the Court will continue to allow Zoom appearances for Uniform Motion Calendar and special sets scheduled for 30 minutes or less. Your Zoom hearing link and Toll-Free Number for all hearings set via the Online Services System will be provided at the bottom of the confirmation notice. The zoom information for connecting (phone number and video link) must be included in the Notice of Hearing (amended if necessary) and timely provided to Chambers. Court reporters may appear at the location of the person retaining them or by joining the zoom meeting.

The parties shall continue to scheduled hearings expected to last a half hour or less and for the uniform motion calendar using on-line services per the Divisional Instructions (see link to the right of this page). All procedures and requirements concerning the setting of hearings remain in effect, including standards for reasonable notice and compliance with Local Rule 4.

Submission of Hearing Materials

All hearing materials the parties expect the Court to rely upon must be filed or otherwise provided well in advance of the hearing so they are available on the judicial viewing system or in hard copy form. This Division is now accepting hearing materials through Online Services E-Courtesy system. Hard copies of documents, binders, etc., are no longer required. BUT IF YOUR MATTER INVOLVES MORE THAN ONE OR TWO SHORT DOCUMENTS: please provide hard copies to chambers in one joint binder. Please do not submit hundreds of pages on the e-courtesy system for 15 to 30 minute matters, it becomes unmanageable.

Please continue to monitor the Circuit's webpage for more information.

Please refer to the Divisional Instructions for more details

  • Division AO hearings and trials are held in Courtroom 11E, unless otherwise directed.
  • Uniform Motion Calendar is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 9:30, unless suspended. (View the Suspension Calendar)

Important Note About Divisional Instructions

PLEASE stay abreast of future changes.

Most general questions about Division AO practices and procedures can be answered by reading the most current Divisional Instructions. (View Divisional Instructions).

Please direct inquiries not answered by reading the Divisional Instructions to Millie Noonan. The Divisional Contacts can be found on the right side of this web page.

NOTE: Absent prior approval of the Court, the Divisional Email Box is not for transmitting materials to the Court, e.g. motions, memoranda, proposed orders, etc. (See, Divisional Instructions regarding hearing materials).

The Court understands that not all cases are amenable to the standardized procedures, practices and schedules set forth in divisional instructions and the uniform order setting trial and pre-trial procedures and other forms. The parties are encouraged to propose alternatives to allow for a more efficient, cost effective and just resolution of your case. Otherwise, please follow the divisional instructions carefully.