JL Trial Docket

  1. Notice must include whether the final hearing is on original action or a subsequent action (Fla. Fam. L.R.P. 12 440 and Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.440(b)).
  2. The party filing the Notice shall provide the Court via cover letter with the following:
    1. A copy of the Notice for Trial;
    2. Copies of all current Notices of Unavailability for both sides;
    3. An estimated time for the final hearing and what the opposing party's position is on the same;
    4. Proposed Order Setting Final Hearing for Trial (this Division's form available on this website) with copies for all parties and the Court;
    5. Stamped envelopes for all parties.

Proposed form of Order Setting Final Hearing for Trial for Judge's signature and sufficient copies and self-addressed stamped envelopes for all parties.

Trials are set by Court order and cannot be cancelled or continued except by further order of the Court unless the matter is settled with an executed settlement agreement.