JO Divisional Instructions

COVID-19 Juvenile Division Instructions

JUVENILE DIVISION – Return to Court August 15, 2022

  1. Delinquency
    1. Detention hearings
      1. All attorneys and children to appear in person as of August 15, 2022
      2. Parents and/or guardians to appear in person unless attorney arranged good remote access - must be due to work/transportation issues
      3. Weekend/holiday hearings to be conducted all in person at Gun Club
    2. Other hearings
      1. All attorneys to appear in person as of August 15, 2022
      2. Juveniles must appear with a parent and/or guardian in person:
        1. If no attorney has been appointed yet for them;
        2. For Disposition
        3. To take a plea
        4. If ordered to do so by the Court
      3. Attorneys who already represent a juvenile may appear for them (except as outlined in B) ii) if the juvenile is in school, at work, or at a treatment or commitment facility; however, attorneys must make arrangements to be able to communicate with their clients during the hearing
      4. Parents and/or guardians may appear remotely when the juvenile is represented by an attorney and the parent and/or guardian is at work or the juvenile is in school or at a treatment or commitment facility.
      5. Probation Officers may remain remote unless the hearing is evidentiary, is a Plea or is a Disposition or upon agreement of the Court. Attorneys are obligated to inform Probation Officers if the plea is to a Diversion program or the matter is continued or reset prior to the hearing date The Probation Officer assigned to a division may "substitute" for the actual Probation Officer's presence as long as the actual Probation Officer is available to be contacted remotely at the time of the hearing and the Divisional Probation Officer performs the tasks of the regular Probation Officer for that hearing.
      6. Others who may appear by Zoom are GAL, Legal Aid (JAP, FCP) Attorney Ad Litem and/or those involved in a crossover youth's dependency case such as CPI, DCM, Foster Parent, Group Home Representative, etc.
  2. Dependency
    1. Shelter hearings
      1. All parties and attorneys to appear in person as of August 15, 2022
      2. The following may appear by Zoom for shelter hearings: CPI, DCM, GAL, persons with whom children have been placed or are seeking placement, persons involved in delinquency matters for a crossover youth.
      3. Weekend/holiday shelter hearings
        1. DCF attorneys will be allowed to appear by Zoom
        2. ORCC/Parent attorneys will be allowed to appear via Zoom but must make arrangements to be able to communicate privately with their clients
        3. Attorney Ad Litem/Legal Aid attorneys (JAP, FCP) may appear by Zoom
        4. Others who may appear by Zoom are CPI, DCM, GAL, GAL attorneys, persons with whom children have been placed or those seeking placement
    2. Judicial Review hearings
      1. Judicial Reviews will remain by Zoom until receiving in person notice
      2. All parties to appear in person as of January 1, 2023
        1. As of August 15th, parties will be informed that their next hearing will be in person
        2. Children are not required to attend in person but must be given notice of their ability to attend by Zoom or in person
    3. Chapter 39 injunctions/Chapter 741 injunctions
      1. Everyone involved must appear in person
    4. Other hearings:
      1. All attorneys to appear in person as of August 15, 2022
      2. Parents, guardians, witnesses and children and others may appear remote if Court approved
      3. Case Managers and Guardian Ad Litem may remain remote unless the hearing is evidentiary or required to be present by the Court
  3. Specialty Courts
    1. Delinquency Drug Court
      1. Staffings: to be determined
      2. Hearings: to be determined
    2. Family Drug Court
      1. Staffings: In person as of August 15, 2022
      2. Hearings: In person as of August 15, 2022
        • Parent can appear via Zoom if at work
    3. Early Childhood Court
      1. Family Team meetings: In person as of August 1, 2022
        1. Parent can appear via Zoom if at work/ Dr. appointment
      2. Hearings: In person as of August 15, 2022
  4. Mediation
    The Mediation office is available to do mediations totally in person, totally by Zoom or by hybrid where some people are in person and some by Zoom however they will remain noticed for telephone or remote Mediation. If the parties are requesting a specific method of appearance as to how a Mediation is to occur, they should seek a Court Order.
  5. Kiosks
    1. Kiosks in the Courthouses will be available and accessible for appearing via Zoom:
      1. Main Courthouse: Juvenile Wing - 2nd and 3rd floors
      2. South County Courthouse: Next to Courtrooms 3 and 4
      3. West County Courthouse: In Courtroom 2
  6. Nothing in these protocols shall prohibit each Judge from making individual decisions in accordance with the law about in person /remote appearances. All shall have the option to appear in person even when remote appearances are being allowed unless contrary to court rules at that time. Should a person appear in person and a hearing is being conducted remotely by Court order or agreement that person shall be given access to the remote hearing unless such access is legally prohibited.
  7. Children who are attending school (except for a detention hearing, plea or Disposition) shall always have the preferred option of attending a court hearing via Zoom from school unless prohibited by the school. Court assigned Educational liaisons have agreed to assist in making this possible and should be contacted directly to set this up.

Division JO Zoom Meeting Information

The static zoom link for Division JO is as follows:

Meeting Link: Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 867 1046 6022
Dial by your location:
  • US Toll-free 877-853-5257
  • US Toll-free 888-475-4499

This link will be the same for all hearings (with the exception of TPR and adoptions). The static zoom information above should be included in all Notices of Hearing and Orders Setting Hearing filed with the Court.

Evidence Portal

View videos on using the Evidence Portal on our CourtHelp4U YouTube channel.


There is no Uniform Motion Calendar in the Juvenile Division.

All Hearings must be specially set with the Judicial Assistant.

Once your Motion is docketed in the court file you may request a hearing time by contacting the Judicial Assistant via e-mail at or by calling (561) 355-4378, with the following information being noted in the email request:

  • Case number;
  • Case Style;
  • Completion caption of the motion;
  • Docket number of the motion;
  • Amount of time requesting for hearing.

Please copy opposing counsel / parties on all email transmissions to the Judicial Assistant.

The Judicial Assistant will provide available hearing dates / times.  After coordinating with all parties, please confirm the selected date / time with the Judicial Assistant.   Please note that hearing dates / times are not held.

A copy of the motion and notice of hearing should be provided to the Court via U.S. Mail.

All hearing materials must be mailed / delivered to the courthouse for the Judge to review prior to a special set hearing at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled hearing.

Emergency Hearings

Please refer to Administrative order 3.206

For any true emergency matter, you must file a motion for emergency hearing pursuant to Administrative Order.  Submit the original motion directly to the Clerk and e-mail a copy of the Emergency Motion to the Judicial Assistant ( for the Judge's review and determination. 

Memoranda of Law

Amy memoranda of law of special case law should be submitted directly to the Judge's office via U.S Mail at least five (5) business days prior to the hearing.  Please indicate the date and time of the hearing on the cover sheet.

Proposed Orders

All Orders should be submitted through OLS (Online Services).

Additionally, if you have multiple case numbers, the order must be uploaded for each case number.

All email communication to the Judicial Assistant should also include all parties.

All Orders must include a complete service list in the "copies furnished section" including the name and e-mail address of all parties.