KK1 Divisional Instructions

Misdemeanor and Traffic Arraignments at Gun Club

If you are a Defendant and  you missed your Court date, or will like a continuance on your case it can not be changed over the phone, you must put it in writing file it with the Clerk of Courts, and email a copy at  CAD-DivisionKK1@pbcgov.org 

PRIVATE LAW FIRMS:  If you have an Agreed Motion and Agreed Order they can be fax to the JA at (561)656-7603, or email to CAD-DivisionKK1@pbcgov.org.  If you have any questions do not email them please contact the JA at (561)688-4600

All original Motions and Notice of Hearings must be filed with the Clerk of Courts.

Please note the Criminal Division on your Notice of Hearing as Criminal Division "KK".

VA Court

Palm Beach County's Veteran's Court convenes at 1:00 PM on Mondays at the Gun Club Judicial Complex before Judge Booras, Courtroom 1. This is a resolution court for United States military veterans who have pending criminal charges. This is a joint effort between the local criminal justice system and the Veteran's Administration. The VA provides services to eligible veterans for issues relating to substance abuse, mental health, and homelessness.