P Divisional Instructions

Zoom Meeting Information

Meeting Link: Division P Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 884 4280 7155

Dial by your location:

  • US Toll-free 877-853-5257
  • US Toll-free 888-475-4499

If unable to appear on video in Zoom App, call toll free: (877) 853-5257 and enter Meeting ID.

See our Zoom instructions if you have any questions on how to use Zoom.

When Appearing for Remote Hearings:

  • Video appearance is preferred.
  • Zoom hearings are court appearances.  All parties should act accordingly including being respectful and dressing appropriately.
  • Be mindful that there are often multiple hearings set at one time.
  • Private attorneys should check in using the chat function with their name and clients' name and the time the case is set.  The Court will prioritize those appearing live but will call the Zoom cases in order of sign in.
  • The attorneys in court will advise the Court when the cases with Zoom attendees are ready to be addressed so be patient.  Discussing cases with your attorney before the court hearing will reduce wait times in court.  
  • Reduce or eliminate background noise and turn off or mute other electronic devices.
  • Participants should properly identify themselves at beginning of hearing and/or when checking in with the Judicial Assistant.

Defendants are required to be in person for Plea Conferences, Calendar Call Hearings, and Bond Hearings.

Status Hearings and Case Dispositions will take place on Zoom or in person. This Court does not have a preference as long as Defendants appear on Zoom or in person, unless a Waiver of Appearance has been filed in advance in writing as required by F.R.Cr.P. 3.180(a)(3).  Attorneys may appear on Zoom on any Monday, Thursday, or Friday morning hearing. The Court may not be available on Zoom at the exact time of the hearing, but will appear between 9:00-10:00 AM.

To appear on Zoom for emergency situations including illness for other hearings, please notify the Court as soon as possible by emailing the Judicial Assistant, CAD-DivisionP@pbcgov.org.


Parties may schedule hearings by contacting Diana Grant, Judicial Assistant to Judge Castor, at CAD-DivisionP@pbcgov.org. In keeping with professional courtesy, any party scheduling a hearing shall make reasonable efforts to contact the opposing party/counsel for availability or scheduling conflicts. Please file your Motion with the Clerk of Court and then submit a courtesy copy of the Motion as a "PDF" to the court by email. All parties shall abide by Local Rule 4 to try to resolve the matter and certify the good faith attempt to resolve on the Notice of Hearing. The request for hearing should indicate how much time is being requested and how soon the party is requesting the hearing be set.  If the hearing is being held remotely, the Zoom information shall be on the notice of hearing. Any Emergency Motions must be filed with the Clerk of Court before submitting to the Judge for review.

All case law and written responses upon which the parties intend to rely for their scheduled hearings are appreciated to be filed and/or provided to the Court at least three (3) business days in advance of the hearing by hand or via email to CAD-DivisionP@pbcgov.org.

Any motions for continuance including agreed motions or orders must contain the grounds for the continuance and the length of time requested and/or new date being requested. All motions requiring an evidentiary hearing or motions in limine requiring more than 5 minutes per side must be filed and brought to the attention of the Court not less than 14 days before calendar call.

Jury Trials

Division P uses a calendar call system to schedule jury trials.  In accordance with Administrative Order 4.101-2/21, the cases that request a trial date will be scheduled for a calendar call date during the three week trial period beginning on the Monday following the Calendar Call hearing.  All parties must be present in person at the calendar call hearing.  The Court will accept negotiated plea agreements up to or at the calendar call hearing. Absent good cause, as determined by the Court, negotiated pleas will not be accepted after the calendar call hearing.   All cases ready for trial will be set for a specific week or placed on call.  The Court will set the order of cases for trial.  Any potential conflict shall be brought to the attention of the Court at the calendar call, or as soon as possible, or shall be waived.

Phone Calls/Emails

Please note that no long distance calls will be returned.

Litigants without counsel that have access to email are encouraged to fill out and file with the Clerk an email designation form. This will allow the Court to submit orders to the parties via email instead of sending in the U.S. Postal Service which will greatly reduce the time for the parties communication with each other and the Court.

Proposed Orders

The Court will require all orders to be submitted in WORD format through Online Services.  Please make sure if submitting an agreed order that an email is sent to CAD-DivisionP@pbcgov.org showing that both parties are in agreement prior to submission of the Order to the Online Services. 

Questions and Advice

Neither the Judge nor the Judicial Assistant can give legal advice regarding how to proceed with the case. For assistance, you can contact the Self-Help Center at 561-355-6781 located on the first floor of the Main West Palm Beach Courthouse or visit the self-service center in the Clerk's Office in the Satellite Courthouses. Additionally, the Palm Beach County Bar Association has a lawyer referral and information service at 561-687-3266.