R Divisional News


Pending Further Notice, Division R essential court hearing docket will be held in courtroom 11A, along with Division X and  Division V. The use of the ceremonial courtroom is to minimize the court staff needed and to exercise social distancing more easily. Essential hearings are identified as bond hearings, pre-negotiated pleas, juvenile commitment release requests, non-represented defendant arraignments and 30-day State-to-File hearings, or any other emergency as determined by the Court. 

Attorneys are invited and encouraged to appear via telephone. Please tell the Judicial Assistant you would like to appear telephonically when you call to schedule your hearing. 

Judge Shepherd wishes a fond farewell to retiring Judge Jeff Colbath. Judge Colbath served Palm Beach County with distinction for many years and he will be missed. Judge Shepherd was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis on October 1, 2019 to replace Judge Colbath.

Please refer to Division R Instructions for answers to frequently asked questions and guidance on division practices.