RD Divisional Instructions

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Uniform Motion Calendar

[Updated as 0f 03/20/18]

Uniform Motion Calendar ("UMC") hearings are held every other Tuesday at 9:30 A.M. and every Thursday at 9:30 A.M. and are set through the Online Scheduling System. If a date is not shown as available in Online Scheduling System, that date will not have UMC hearings on that day. All non-evidentiary motions, uncontested motions, etc. can be set for a 5-minute hearing that DOES NOT require testimony. (NO Summary Judgment, Damages, Evidentiary hearings or Eviction matters will be heard at UMC). Scheduling is solely between the parties. Please do not call the Judicial Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing. Division RD requires compliance with Administrative Order 3.603 before setting any hearing (except continuances and extension of time). The parties must speak with each other and make a good faith attempt to resolve the matter without a hearing.

Attorney must first file the original motion and notice of hearing with the Clerk's office and give opposing side(s) at least five (5) working days' notice. Do not mail courtesy hard copies of the UMC Notice of Hearing or Motions to the court.

Parties are required to bring to court: copies of your motion and notice of hearing. Parties are to check in with the Deputy in the courtroom and will be taken on first come, first serve basis (unopposed motions will be taken first).

Cancellation of hearings

To cancel a hearing scheduled for UMC, the scheduling attorney's office must login to the Online Scheduling System, select "Uniform Motion Calendar Scheduling"; Select "Cancel Hearings" and follow the directions on the screen. Please do not call the Judicial Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing.

Special Set Hearings

[Updated as of 07/02/20]

Special set hearings for Division RD which are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes are set on the Online Scheduling System. The Court expects strict compliance with Local Rule 4. Prior to scheduling a special set hearing online, you must have:

  1. agreed upon the date and time for the scheduled hearing with ALL parties,
  2. have previously filed your Motion with the Clerk's office and
  3. have made a good faith effort to resolve the matter prior to setting the motion hearing.

Once parties have confirmed a particular date they must file their Notice of Hearing with the Clerk of Court in the normal course & submit courtesy hard copies via US Mail to the Court.

Division RD requires compliance with Administrative Order 3.603 before setting any hearing (except continuances and extension of time). The parties must speak with each other and make a good faith attempt to resolve the matter without a hearing. Parties are not permitted to unilaterally schedule special set hearings, the only exception is for cases traveling under a PIP Scheduling Order (PDSO). For PIP cases with a Scheduling Order, the requirements to unilaterally set hearings are explained therein. Details of any failed coordination attempts may be requested.

Requests for Special Set hearings of more than 60 minutes are procured via email only. Email the Judicial Assistant at CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org to obtain available dates and times to coordinate with the opposing party.

In the email request, the party will provide

  1. Case number;
  2. Complete style of case;
  3. Amount of time needed; and
  4. Plaintiff or Defendant's motion.

Please DO NOT ATTACH any documents to your email. Once parties have coordinated in good faith and selected a date, parties are to email the Judicial Assistant to verify that the date selected is still available. Once parties receive an email confirmation for a particular date from the Judicial Assistant they may file their Notice of Hearing with the Clerk of Court in the normal course & submit courtesy hard copies via US Mail to the Court.

Cancellation of Hearings

To cancel a scheduled hearing prior to the scheduled special set hearing date/time email the Judicial Assistant at CAD-DivisionRD@pbcgov.org to have it cancelled from the Judge's docket and follow up with a "Notice Of Cancellation Of Hearing" to be filed with the Clerk of Court . The Notice of Cancellation must note the reason for the cancellation and provide proper notice to opposing party.

If your case settles, is voluntarily dismissed, or stayed, and there are future hearings or trials scheduled with the Court, the parties shall contact the Judicial Assistant immediately to cancel all previously scheduled hearings/trials. All appropriate paperwork is to be submitted to the Clerk's Office and copies sent to the Judge's office.

Telephonic Appearances

Telephonic appearance is permitted if there is no objection by the opposing party, and with the approval of the Court. You will be asked then to provide the Court a separate Motion and AGREED Order to appear by telephone. Only one party in the case will be allowed to appear telephonically.

Telephonic appearance of parties is arranged through CourtCall or other vendor. The person to wishes to use such a service must select the vendor, contact the vendor and pay the vendor. The Court takes no position as to whether one vendor is better than another vendor, some options are:

CourtCall: 888-882-6878

CourtScribes: 888-727-4237 ext 3

Zoom: 888-799-9666                              

Eviction Hearings

Eviction matters are SET BY THE COURT on an expedited basis upon receipt of the pleadings and hearings are held EVERY Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. The Court does NOT allow telephonic appearances at pre-trials or non-jury trials. All parties must appear in person unless the Court has granted prior approval to appear telephonically after proper motion has been filed.

Instructions for the Completion of a Landlord and Tenant Action are located on the Clerk of Courts website. Parties are not permitted to submit Final Judgments for Evictions or Default Final Judgments for Evictions until the case is at that posture. Parties are not permitted to submit Writ of Possession Fees to the Court; they are to be submitted to the Clerk of Court ONLY.

Communications With Court, Stipulations and Proposed Orders

[Updated as 0f 05/04/20]

All communications with the Court must be IN WRITING, filed with the Clerk, and COPIES FURNISHED TO ALL PARTIES AND/OR THEIR COUNSEL. Be sure to include the case number, your address and current telephone number, proper documentation and the correspondence and if the case is scheduled for a hearing or trial, include the date and time of the hearing or trial.

For Stipulations in PIP cases, please review the procedures detailed on the PIP procedures page.

For Stipulations in all other cases, once the signed and dated Stipulation is filed with the Clerk proposed orders to accept the stipulation may be submitted to the Court for review.

All proposed orders, final judgments, etc. submitted for the Judge's signature should include a cover letter or cover sheet indicating the date the matter was heard. Please do not send original pleadings or checks to the Judge's chambers. All original pleadings MUST be sent to/filed with the Clerk of the Court. All motions for Division RD must be filed and docketed with the Clerk of the Court prior scheduling with Online Scheduling System or contacting the Judge's Judicial Assistant for available hearing times.

In compliance with the Florida Supreme Court's November 1, 2019 Administrative Order (AOSC19-74), all orders shall be signed electronically by the Court. The deadline for all courts in the State of Florida to comply with AOSC19-74 is April 30, 2020. To submit orders to the Court please use the 15th Circuit's Online Scheduling System.

Log into the 15th Circuit's Online Scheduling System.

  1. Click on the "Submit Order From Template" button;
    • Select the Generic Order template, and type in the text of your order; or
  2. If you have previously drafted the order in WORD offline, cut and paste the order text into the body of the Generic Order template.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen and complete.
    • Click "Submit" to send the order to the judge.
  3. In OLS, click the "Submit Proposed Order" button;
    • Browse your computer and select, then upload the order;
    • Review the document and make any format adjustments necessary prior to submission.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen to submit the order to the court.

The submitted order must indicate whether the order is agreed and the date of the hearing or ruling if applicable. Any motion that has not been expressly agreed to by the opposing party requires a hearing to the set and noticed by the moving party. Except for default or ex parte motions allowed by rule, the Court will not enter proposed orders with out hearing or agreement of the parties.

All documents that need to be recorded in the public records must comply with Supreme Court Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520., These documents must have a 3" by 3" space at the top right hand corner on the first page and a 1" by 3" space at the top right hand corner on each subsequent page. Documents that are recorded in public records include: 

  • Final Judgments (Consent FJ, Default FJ, Summary FJ, Amended FJ)Orders of Dismissal
  • Order Setting Aside or Vacating Final Judgments
  • Voluntary Dismissals
  • Orders Cancelling Sales
  • Amending Certificates of Title
  • Writs of Garnishment

If your proposed document does not comply with the Supreme Court requirement, the Clerk of Court will not record your pleading and our office will be forced to return same to you in order to be corrected.

For additional information on court provided digital training resources, visit the Circuit's YouTube channel, CourtHelp4U

Emergency Motions

In accordance with Administrative Order 3.206, the original EMERGENCY MOTIONS must be FILED WITH THE CLERK'S OFFICE. The Clerk will bring the motion up to the Judge and the Judge will determine if the motion is a true emergency. Then the Judicial Assistant will set the matter for a hearing. It is of great importance to include your contact information (including a current telephone number) on all Emergency Motions.

Questions and Advice

We cannot give you legal advice regarding how to proceed with your case. If you have questions of a legal nature, or questions concerning how to proceed, please contact or visit the Self-Help Center located on the first floor of the South County Courthouse or call 561-274-1537, or the First Floor of the Main WPB Courthouse or call 561-355-6781. In addition, the Palm Beach County Bar Association has available a Lawyer Referral and Information Service. For information, please call 561-687-3266.

Division RD encourages all to check the website for updates of changes in the divisional instructions and/or suspension dates.

Subject to Change.