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pdf 2020 Trial Docket Schedule

Submission of Orders

Beginning immediately all Orders for Division AH are to be submitted in Word format through the Online Scheduling System following the hearing not before.  Please review the procedures for submitting orders for UMC and special set hearings in the Divisional Instructions.

The Order to be submitted for UMC or special set hearings: 1) prepared on the computers in the Courtroom following the hearing; or 2) be prepared and submitted following the hearing.


Beginning December 1st, 2019 this court will use CourtCall for audio and video appearances. To set up your CourtCall Appearance call 1-888-882-6878 at least 3 days prior to your scheduled hearing date.  Additional information is also available @ www.courtcall.com.

E-Calendar Call

Beginning with the March 20, 2015 calendar call, there will no longer be a physical calendar call for division AH. The trial docket will be posted on this webpage on the Trial Calendar page on the morning of the day of E-Calendar Call.

Per the Order Setting Trial, all notices of unavailability/conflict (pre-paid vacation/special set trial settings only) must be filed and provided to the Court at the Divisional email address (CAD-DivisionAH@ pbcgov.org) ten (10) days prior to E-Calendar Call to be considered in setting matters on the docket.

Division AH - Scheduling Uniform Motion Calendar

Uniform Motion Calendar hearings are now being set online. If you have not set your Uniform Motion Calendar hearing online, it may not be heard. Please go online and add your hearing to the list. If the calendar is closed, you will need to coordinate a different hearing date.

As always, please provide a hardcopy of the notice of hearing and the motion to be heard with any documents the Court needs to review prior to the hearing.

All UMC and Special Set Hearings for Division AH are set online only.

 Online Scheduling