RD Divisional News

This division will adhere to the Supreme Court of Florida No. SC14-721

In Re: Amendments to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520.

Telephonic Hearings

CourtCall handles all telephonic hearings.

Local Rule 4

pdf Local Rule No. 4

Prior to setting a matter on the motion calendar, the party or attorney noticing the motion shall attempt to resolve the matter and shall certify the good faith attempt to resolve.


To cancel a hearing (SPECIAL SETS only), please notify the Court with a Courtesy Phone Call and file a Notice of Cancellation with the Clerk's Office. Please send a courtesy copy to the judge. NO E-mails are accepted without prior authorization.


E-Service County Court Division RD participates in the Court's online-eservice program in "Judicial eservice" (optional electronic mailing of orders from Court to Counsel/Registered Parties). If any counsel and or/party are not registered with the Court's online system, counsel shall provide self-addressed stamped envelopes for these parties to be served. See Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.516. See Also Administrative Order 2.310.

Division RD is currently e-serving Orders to Attorneys/parties who have registered their primary and secondary email addresses with the 15th Judicial Circuit. Ensure your registration for Judicial E-Service.

E-Filing Please note that E-Filing is the electronic filing of documents with the office of the Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County. See Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.515.

Strict Compliance with Amended RJA 2.520

Effective January 1, 2015, The Florida Supreme Court mandated space for recording, date and time stamps on documents. All documents filed with the Court must have one-inch margins on all sides. All documents to be recorded in the Official Records must also have a blank 3-inch x 3-inch space on the top right of the first page and a blank 1-inch x 3-inch space on the top right of all subsequent pages (e.g. Judgments, Orders of Dismissal, Stipulations of Dismissal/Settlement). Documents that do not comply with these rules will be returned to the sender for correction prior to being filed with the Clerk & Comptroller. See Florida Supreme Court Order SC14-721; Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520.

Thank you everyone for your professionalism and courtesy.

Our Divisional Instructions and Suspension Calendar are very helpful in setting your hearings. Please use them as a guideline.