Judicial Rotations

The Chief Judge has announced an upcoming judicial rotation. Specific information on courtroom assignments will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Effective June 10, 2023

With the retirement of the Hon. Laura Johnson, the Hon. Samantha Feuer moves from Circuit Civil AH to Probate Division IA.

Effective June 20, 2023

Newly appointed County Court Judge, the Hon. Danielle Sherriff is assigned to Division RB/WD.

Divisional Rotation—Effective July 3, 2023


Judge Donald Hafele (Current Juvenile Division JL) to Criminal Division T/KK2/KD.

Judge Kirk Volker (Current Criminal Division T/KK2/KD) to Juvenile Division JL.

Senior Judge Richard Oftedal will preside over Circuit Civil Division AK pending Judge Johnson's replacement.

TBA will preside over Circuit Civil Division AH until July 10, 2023


Judge Sherri Collins (Current Criminal Division P) moves to TD Division.

Judge Ashley Zuckerman (Current TD Division) moves to County Criminal Division M.

Judge Frank Castor (Current Division RB/WD) moves to County Criminal Division P.

Effective July JULY 10, 2023

Newly appointed Circuit Judge, the Hon. Reid Scott is assigned to Circuit Civil Division AH.