AI Divisional News

Coronavirus Update (as of September 24, 2020)

As of September 9, 2020, The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit entered into Phase 2. Phase 2 expands the type of proceedings that can be held face-to-face, using protective methods such as face coverings and social distancing. Information regarding the Court’s operations during Phase 2, including the specific types of proceedings that may be held face-to-face during Phase 2, are outlined in Administrative Order 12.510 (Updated September 23, 2020)

Please continue to monitor our website for further updates.

Please see Administrative Order 12.510 from the Chief Judge related to court operations in response to COVID-19.

In an effort to comply with the mandate that the Court ensures a just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action, Division AI is still conducting UMC, special set, and testimonial hearings remotely—via telephone or video conferencing.

Uniform Motion Calendar

Judge Curley will be holding two upcoming afternoon UMC dockets. The dates and times are as follows:

November 18, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm

December 16, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm

Judge Curley's Uniform Motion Calendar is held on Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30-9:30 a.m. Judge Curley has opened up one Monday in each month between August and October 2020 in the afternoon for UMC hearings. The parties can find these new temporary dates on the online scheduling system.  Please make sure you submit a copy of the Notice of Hearing along with the motions to Judge Curley through the online scheduling system 5 days prior to the hearing. Also, do not contact the Judicial Assistant to cancel, set UMC Hearings or to verify the UMC is set. The parties need to cancel their UMC hearing through the online system immediately if their matter is resolved.

ALL Uniform Motion Calendar (UMC) hearings MUST be set via the online system using Zoom (using the Court's credentials) or Court Call (if the parties choose). If the parties cannot agree, Zoom (with the Court's credentials) is the default provider. When setting via Zoom, the online system provides the scheduler with the Court's Zoom credentials.

Zoom permits both telephonic and video appearances. For UMC hearings, the Court will no longer have hearings via a separate teleconference line.

For UMC, special set, video conferencing, and non-testimonial hearings, the matter must be scheduled using the online system.

For special set matters, the parties may use Zoom, Court Call, or a private provider with agreement of all parties. If the parties cannot agree, the parties must use the Court's Zoom credentials accessible via the online system.

Division AI is striving to become paperless. Accordingly, please ensure that all hearing materials are uploaded using the online system. If submitting a volume of materials (like a hardcopy notebook), please ensure that the materials are bookmarked to allow the Court easy access to and transition through the materials.

When scheduling a hearing online, the full and complete title of the motion should be entered. When providing the paperwork for a hearing on a Motion to Dismiss, provide the Judge with a copy of the OPERATIVE PLEADINGS.

Non-Jury Trials Via Zoom

For remote non-jury trials, the parties must ensure that the Court has all original exhibits prior to trial. The exhibits must pre-marked (please confer with the Clerk to obtain the proper pre-marked exhibit materials), mailed to the Court via U.S. Mail, and received three (3) business days before the scheduled trial. The parties must also upload the marked exhibits to share with all parties via the online scheduling system.

Remote Appearance Procedures

The guidelines below are temporary and govern the use of electronic devices in court proceedings, when parties are appearing remotely and using Supreme Court authorized communications equipment.

During remote Court proceedings conducted through Court approved communication equipment, electronic devices may not be used by anyone for photography, videography, audio recording, or any other purpose unless the individual has prior approval from the Court. Such devices include, but are not limited to cell phones, cameras, computers, laptops, tablets, digital voice recorders or similar technical devices.


For further information, please also see Supreme Court Administrative Orders and Administrative Order 12.511.

Please DO NOT contact the Judicial Assistant for permission to appear remotely, but PLEASE make sure the Court has the telephonic or video credentials IF the parties choose NOT to utilize the Court's Zoom credentials or CourtCall. CourtCall automatically provides the attendees who are appearing using that service.

During this pandemic, the Division's goal is to continue to function, honoring the mandate, ruling on the papers and argument of the parties, while also recognizing that we all are navigating uncharted territory.


Effective Immediately:

Submission of Orders

Effective immediately ALL Orders for Division AI must be submitted in Word format through the Online System after the hearing not before. Please review the Divisional Instructions. Please submit Orders following UMC via: 1) the computers in the Courtroom following the hearing; or 2) using the online system immediately following the hearing. Do not send any orders prior to your hearing, once Judge Curley has heard the matter, she will instruct you to send in the appropriate order.

Instructions for entering orders in courtroom

 Online Scheduling

Any party seeking to cancel and reschedule a foreclosure sale shall file a written motion in the same format Exhibit "A" attached to AO 3.301-11/12. The Motion and Order shall include the number of times the sale has been cancelled.

The Motion shall be filed seven (7) business days before the sale date and must be set on the Uniform Motion Calendar.