RF Divisional Instructions

Please note that the divisional instructions are being revised. Please check back monthly.

Division RF 

Generally, the following Court events are being scheduled in-person:

  • Small Claims Pretrial Conferences
  • Bench Trials 
  • Evictions
  • Calendar Call

The following Court events are generally being scheduled via Zoom:

  • UMC hearings (10 min or less)
  • Special set, and non-evidentiary hearings 30  minutes or less

There are exceptions to these general guidelines and the information contained in the Notice of Hearing controls.  If you have any questions, please email the Court's Judicial Assistant at CAD-DivisionRF@pbcgov.org, but be sure to copy all parties to any such communication.  Also, please read the entirety of these instructions before emailing the JA. 

Witnesses may generally appear via Zoom. A party wishing to call a witness via Zoom does not need to file a motion, but should file a Notice indicating the witnesses who will appear via Zoom at least five days prior to the trial or hearing. 

Zoom Meeting Information

Meeting Link: Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 3671807743
Password: 86258174
Dial by your location:
  • US Toll-free 877-853-5257
  • US Toll-free 888-475-4499

I.  Proposed Orders

  • All Proposed Orders and Final Judgments must be uploaded via the Online Services system ("OLS"). No paper documents will be accepted.
  • Please note: Use of OLS requires a user ID and password. This can be obtained by going to Online Service and clicking on "Register a New User" to create an account.
  • When uploading a proposed order, select the date of the corresponding hearing, if applicable, under "scheduled event."
  • Formatting: Please preview the proposed order to make sure it is formatted correctly. 
    • The Court prefers Times New Roman font, 12pt, double spaced. 
    • Remove all special formatting, such as paragraph tabs, macros, and columns. 
    • No need to leave blank space for the date in the "DONE and ORDERED" line, you can simply say "DONE and ORDERED in Palm Beach County, Florida."
    • No need to include signature line, just leave space for the judge to impose the electronic signature. 
    • Final Judgments require a 3in. x 3in blank space in the top right corner of the document to accommodate the Clerk's recording stamp. 
  • Any supporting documents for the Court to review MUST be submitted as attachments to the proposed order.  The Court does not have instantaneous access to documents filed through the e-portal, it takes about 3 days for them to be processed and appear on the docket.  Therefore, if the order you are sending is based on a newly filed motion, please file the motion as an attachment. If you fail to attach the supporting documents, the Court may reject your order. 
  • If the order is agreed, please indicate as such in the title and body of the order.
  • DO NOT upload a proposed order unless 1) it is agreed, 2) the hearing has already occurred, or 3) it is proper to be considered without a hearing. 
  • Proposed Final Judgments that do not comply with the formatting requirements of Florida Rule of General Practice and Judicial Administration 2.520(d)(1) will be REJECTED and may result in dismissal of the case if not corrected.

II.  Settlements 

  • Parties who have entered into a settlement agreement must either submit a voluntary dismissal or must upload a proposed order approving settlement and dismissing the action in order for the settlement to be approved and the case to be closed.  The settlement or stipulation must be either in the court file or attached as an exhibit to a proposed order approving settlement and dismissing the case.  

III. Scheduling Hearings

  • Hearings may be scheduled online through OLS
  • Local Rule 4 will be strictly enforced.
  • UMC hearings are currently being held on Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.  UMC is strictly for non-evidentiary motions which can be heard in 10 minutes or less.  Fee hearings, summary judgment, and any evidentiary matters will NOT be heard at UMC.  
  • Special set hearings take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00 and are available in 15 and 30 minutes blocks through OLS.   
  • Hearings longer than 30 minutes require a scheduling request to CAD-DivisionRF@pbcgov.org (copies to all parties).

IV. Abandoned Motions

Motions must be set for hearing within 30 days of the date they are filed and the hearing must take place within 60 days of the date they are filed. Motions pending for more than 30 days without a hearing scheduled will be deemed abandoned and may be denied.

V. Coverage Attorneys

  • Coverage attorneys are expected to comply with Florida Rule of General Practice and Judicial Administration 2.505(e)(6) and(g) by filing a Notice of Stand-In counsel or otherwise having their appearance reflected on a record maintained by the court or Clerk of Court (e.g. pretrial sheet).  The Court may not recognize the appearance of coverage attorneys who fail to comply with the Rule.

VI. Landlord/Tenant Cases

Eviction cases are heard on Wednesday afternoons. These cases are set by the Court after a review of any motions sent to the Court, or when the Court decides there is a need for Mediation. Mediators will be available at no charge to the parties for Residential Mediations and $60.00 per side for Commercial Mediations.

Final Hearings on Eviction cases will normally be heard after Mediation, but may be specially set on another date.

VII. Evictions

All Plaintiffs/Landlords must file in support of any request for final judgment of possession:

  1. The Landlord Information Sheet attached to Local A.O. 12.512 -10/2020* prior to requesting relief relating to non-payment of rent; and
  2. A motion for relief. Final judgments will not be granted without a motion on file with the Clerk. Attach e-filed copy when uploading proposed order.

VIII. Small Claims Pre-trials

  • Pretrial Hearings for Small Claims cases are set every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. All Small Claims cases must go to Mediation. If not resolved, the case will be set for trial. Mediators are provided for free.
  • Upon agreement by both parties, pre-trial may be waived by filing an agreed waiver or stipulation through OLS no later than the Monday before the hearing. Waivers uploaded after that deadline WILL NOT be granted.

IX. Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Please review the County Civil Division PIP Procedures information which can be found on the County Civil page.

X.  Stipulations to Invoke the Rules of Civil Procedure 

All stipulations to invoke the Rules of Civil Procedure must be approved by the Court. If the Court approves the stipulation, the parties must comply with the Circuit's Differentiated Case Management Plans as set forth in Administrative Order 3.107.

XI. Case Management Plans

In all County Court cases, the parties must submit a Case Management Plan that tracks either the Expedited Track (resolution in eight months) or the Streamlined Track (resolution in twelve months). Cases may not proceed under the General Track absent a showing of exceptional circumstances and approval by the Court. 

XII. Trials

Trials are set by the Judicial Assistant upon request. A pretrial order will be sent to both parties requiring mediation. Jury Trials will be set for a Calendar Call.

XIII. Communication With the Court

Neither the Judge nor the Judicial Assistant can give you Legal advice regarding how to proceed with Your case.  For assistance, you should contact the Self-Help Center at the 561/355-6781,l which is located on the first floor of the Main Courthouse. The Palm Beach County Bar Association has a lawyer referral/information service, please contact them 561/687-3266.