RF/WD Divisional Instructions

Division RF/WD Coronavirus Protocol Effective March 18, 2020

Due to the current Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak the following Administrative Orders (15th Judicial Circuit AO- 12.510 and Florida Supreme Court AOSC 20–15) will control proceedings in Division RF/WD:

Beginning April 21, 2020, until further Order of the Court, all in person (live in court) Division RF/WD proceedings are suspended. All Hearings including Non-Jury Trials of One hour or less may be set to be held via telephone procedures below. Division RF encourages you to continue scheduling hearings on your matters which will now proceed pursuant to the instructions below.  Order Setting Must require the parties to email all exhibits to the Judge at CAD- DivisionRF@pbcgov.org (5) days in advance and send copies to all side prior to the hearing/non-jury trial.

Due to the risk of the COVID-19 virus, Palm Beach County Chief Judge Krista Marx has suspended all non-essential court proceedings, including small claims cases to protect all citizens. To facilitate timely resolution of your pending case, the Court will proceed with your hearing via Zoom/ Teleconference.

Zoom Meeting Information

Meeting Link: Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 3671807743
Password: 86258174
Dial by your location:
  • US Toll-free 877-853-5257
  • US Toll-free 888-475-4499


Effective April 1, 2020

All Proposed Orders and Final Judgments must be uploaded via the OLS portal...no paper documents will be accepted.

Please note: Use of the online scheduling system requires a user ID and password. This can be obtained by going to Online Scheduling System and clicking on "Register a New User" to create an account.

Division RF is now participating in any e-courtesy proposed order uploads at this time. If all parties in a case have e-mail addresses where they can receive a copy of an Order, please submit those proposed Orders via JVS (upload the Proposed Order via the JVS system). 


Uniform Motion Calendar Online Scheduling


To cancel a hearing scheduled for UMC, login to the Online Scheduling System, select "Uniform Motion Calendar Scheduling" then select "Cancel Hearing" and follow the directions on the screen. Please do not contact the Judge's Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing.

UMC hearings are Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (Maximum (5) mins. hearings and 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (Maximum (15) min. hearings) (unless otherwise suspended), and are set on the Online Scheduling System. Permission of the Court is not required to set hearings consisting of fifteen (15) minutes or less on the UMC. Five (5) business days' notice must be given to the opposing party, unless all parties otherwise agree. The Motion and Notice of Hearing must be filed with the Clerk's Office, with language which includes a certificate that a good faith effort has been made to resolve the issue prior to setting the hearing. **** CORONAVIRUS PROTOCAL EFFECTIVE MARCH 18, 2020).

**Any party may UNILATERALLY set a hearing if the opposing party does not respond after (3) bona fide scheduling attempts**  Please keep all emails, notes, etc. evidencing the bona fide attempts.

To cancel a hearing scheduled for UMC, login to the Online Scheduling System, select "Uniform Motion Calendar Scheduling" then select "Cancel Hearing" and follow the directions on the screen. Please do not contact the Judge's Assistant to schedule or cancel a UMC hearing.

Special Set Hearing Online Scheduling

Special Set Hearings are set using the Online Scheduling System. Hearing times are available in 15, 30, 45 minutes and 1hour increments(pull the time to equal 1 hour).  The Proposed Order must specify the matter heard and the date of the hearing.  Prior to setting a special set hearing, you must first file your Motion with the Clerk's Office and then coordinate the hearing date and time with ALL parties. Once that has been done, go online and secure the date agreed upon. Do a Order Setting Hearing or Notice of Hearing.  In order to Cancel a Special Set Hearing, a Notice of Cancellation must be filed with the Clerk and a copy e-mailed to the Judge's Office (see e-mail address at the top of the page). Failure to notify the court of a cancellation will result in the motion not being reset.

ALL DISPOSITIVE MOTIONS must be specially set by Court Order. This includes Motions for Summary Judgment, and Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings, and Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice. To schedule a dispositive motion for hearing. you must (1) select date and time from the On-Line Scheduling system, (2) prepare an Order Setting Hearing, and Upload the Proposed Order for the Judge's review and signature.  Do not do a Separate Notice of Hearing, only submit Order Setting Hearing. Hearings may only be cancelled by the Judge or upon submission of an agreed order granting, denying or withdrawing the motion. 

PDF Sample Order Setting Hearing


Coverage Attorneys Opposing Counsel and the Court must be notified (48) hours in advance that coverage counsel will attend a hearing instead of record Counsel.

Telephone Appearance

(OTHER THAN CONTEMPT/ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE) Courtroom Hearing # is (561) 355-1552. If the Court has not previously granted permission in the Order Setting Hearing/Trial, the following procedures should be utilized:

  1. Telephone appearance by parties at hearings (15 minutes or less) is governed by Fla. R. Jud. Adm. 2.530(b) and Parties can appear by telephone without Motion and order by following the procedures below.
    1. Telephone appearance by multi-parties for hearings (15 minutes or more) must utilize Court Call. Telephone appearance must be arranged by contacting Court Call at (888) 882-6878. Telephone appearance at UMC must also utilize Court Call.
    2. To satisfy the requirements of the above rules/law, include the following language on your Notice/Order: "This party/witness (fill in name) will appear by telephone unless objection is filed with the Court and mailed to (fill in name) at least (5) days prior to this hearing. The opposing party may also appear by telephone by contacting the other party (fill in name & telephone #). The scheduling party shall initiate the call/conference call to the Judge's Chambers /Court call at the time of the hearing. Do not submit a separate motion and order. PLEASE REVIEW THE COURTS ORDER SETTING THE HEARING/TRIAL as this language may already be contained therein.
    3. Telephone appearance for hearing more than (15) minutes, require Motion  or Agreed Order.
  2. Witness testimony is allowed by telephone only as authorized by Rules below:
    1. Small claims cases are governed by Fla. Sm.C.I.R. 7.140.
    2. All other Civil county cases are governed by Fla.R. Jud.Adm. 2.530(d) and F.R.C.P. 1.451.

Note: for the privilege of appearing by phone, you must provide proposed orders and self-addressed, stamped envelopes for the Judge's use at the time of the hearing with the order setting hearing or notice of hearing.

Landlord/Tenant Cases

Eviction cases are heard on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. These cases are set by the Court after a review of any motions sent to the Court, or when the Court decides there is a need for Mediation. Mediators will be available at no charge to the parties for Residential Mediations and $60.00 per side for Commercial Mediations.

Final Hearings on Eviction cases will normally be heard after Mediation, but may be specially set on another date.


All Plaintiffs/Landlords must file in support of any request for final judgment of possession:

  1. The Landlord Information Sheet attached to Local A.O. 12.512 -10/2020* (click here for form) prior to requesting relief relating to non-payment of rent; and
  2. A motion for relief. Final judgments will not be granted without a motion on file with the Clerk. Attach e-filed copy when uploading proposed order.

Small Claims Pre-trials

Pretrial Hearings for Small Claims cases are set every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. All Small Claims cases must go to Mediation. If not resolved, the case will be set for trial. Mediators are provided for free.

USE this Static Zoom Link for ALL CASES scheduled on Wednesdays.

Zoom Meeting Information

Meeting Link: STATIC Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 874-8950-6921
Dial by your location:
  • US Toll-free 877-853-5257
  • US Toll-free 888-475-4499

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Effective March 19, 2018 , please review the County Civil Division PIP Procedures information which can be found on the County Civil page.

Stipulations and Agreed Orders

Stipulations to Invoke the Civil Rules and Waivers of Pretrial Hearing do not need to be ratified by an Order in Water Remediation cases. All other such stipulations must be approved by the Court. The Court strongly encourages Agreed Order in all cases, when appropriate.


Trials are set by the Judicial Assistant upon request. A pretrial order will be sent to both parties requiring mediation. Jury Trials will be set for a Calendar Call/Case Management Conference.

Proposed Orders

When submitting proposed orders to the Court for review, the Court prefers all orders to be submitted in WORD/PDF format through Online Scheduling System. Any final orders that will be recorded in the public records must comply with Florida Rules of Judicial Administration 2.520 and should contain a 3" x 3" blank space in the upper right hand corner of the first page and a 1" x 3" space in the top right corner of any subsequent page.  Any supporting document for the Court to review should be efiled with the Clerk and then submitted as an attachment to the Order.  If you do not attach supporting documents, there will be a delay in signing Orders since documents filed with the Clerk's office can take 24 - 72 hours to be visible by the Judge. 


Neither the Judge nor the Judicial Assistant can give you Legal advice regarding how to proceed with Your case.  For assistance, you should contact the Self-Help Center at the 561/355-6781,l which is located on the first floor of the Main Courthouse. The Palm Beach County Bar Association has a lawyer referral/information service, please contact them 561/687-3266.