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State of Emergency

The Governor has declared a state of emergency and the Courts are taking Mitigating Measures. Due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the following Administrative Orders (15th Judicial Circuit AO- 12.510 and Florida Supreme Court AOSC 20–15) will control Court proceedings in Division RS.

All non-essential court proceedings will be suspended beginning March 18, 2020 through the end of business on May 1, 2020 unless the presiding judge determines that the matter may be effectively conducted remotely with all parties using communication equipment.

Small Claims Pretrials

There will be no Small Claims Pretrial Conferences or Trials until May 4, 2020. Any Pretrials set on April 1, April 15 and April 29th will be reset to a later date and the parties will receive notification via mail or e-service.

UMC Hearings

There will be no UMC hearings beginning March 24, 2020 through May 4th, 2020. Parties should try to resolve issues and provide an Agreed Order to the Court via the e-portal.


Eviction cases are suspended until May 4th, 2020.

Case Managment Conferences

All Cases Management Conferences are suspended through May 4th, 2020.

Lack of Prosecution Hearings

All Lack of Prosecution Hearings scheduled on April 2, 2020 are cancelled and have been reset to June 4, 2020.

Special Set Hearings

All attorneys and/or parties wishing to participate in hearings telephonically shall do so by coordinating the telephonic appearance through CourtCall, telephone number 1-888-882-6878. The moving party shall take responsibility for coordinating telephonic or video appearance and advising the Court (via email). Both Parties must coordinate their telephonic appearance using the same platform.

Pro Se litigants who have access to email are encouraged to notify the Clerk of their email address and consent to receive documents electronically. This will allow the Court to submit orders to the parties via email, which will greatly reduce the time for the parties' communication with each other and the Court. Please see the Clerk's Website for instructions for e-filing.

The Court appreciates everyone's cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times. Please contact the Court with any questions or concern via the divisional email.

Divisional Email