W Divisional News

Temporary Measures to Combat COVID-19 (Updated July 1, 2020)

All Division W cases are being heard in Courtroom 11F by Judge Gillen.

Please refer to the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit website for the latest updates regarding COVID-19. Per Administrative Order No. 12.510, only essential cases may be heard in-person, including but not limited to bond motions, pre-negotiated pleas, arraignments, and 30-day State-to-file hearings, or any other emergency or time sensitive matter as determined by the Divisional Judge.

The Court is also holding nonessential hearings via ZOOM in compliance with the Florida Supreme Court’s directive. The ZOOM link will be e-mailed directly to the attorney of record listed on the Court's docket the day before the hearing. If you have not received the e-mailed ZOOM link, please send a request for the link to the divisional e-mail, CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org.


Please note: effective July 1, 2019, Judge Gillen was assigned to Circuit Criminal Division W. If you are searching for Circuit Civil Division AE instructions, please go to Judge Glenn Kelley's webpage.

Please refer to Judge Gillen's Divisional Instructions for all divisional procedures, thank you.

Suggestions to Paralegals and Attorney's before you call the JA:

  • Please read the divisional instructions first before calling the JA.
  • Make sure your Motions have been filed and docketed before you request hearing time.
  • Check the court record and see if there are any current future dates on the case you will be calling about.

The best way to reach the JA is by e-mail: CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org

Courtesy copies of pleadings/motions/case law, etc. should be sent along with the Notice of Hearing or an e-mail/cover letter indicating the date/time of the scheduled hearing.