X Divisional News


Judge Suskauer's Courtroom will change from 9B to 10B.

The Divisional Instructions are continually being updated. Please review them prior to contacting the Judicial Assistant.

Regarding In-Person vs. Zoom hearings (Also see A/O 12.515.2)

The following hearings shall take place IN-PERSON (i.e., the Defendant AND counsel must appear, no exceptions unless given prior leave by this Court.)

  • Arraignments
  • Calendar Calls
  • Pre-Negotiated Pleas
  • Sentencings
  • Motion to Suppress
  • Stand Your Ground Hearings
  • Violations of Probation
  • Richardson Hearings
  • Nelson Hearings
  • Faretta Inquiries
  • All Other Specially Set Hearings



Meeting Link: Zoom Link                                                      Meeting ID: 890 4412 8953

Dial by your location:

                                    US Toll-free 877-853-5257

                                    US Toll-free 888-475-4499

For those on Zoom:

  1. Proper attire is required.
  2. Video must be activated when addressing this Court.
  3. Everyone shall label themselves with first and last name
  4. Please remain on mute until called upon.


New Procedure for Submitting Proposed Orders

Judge Suskauer participates in e-service. In compliance with the Florida Supreme Court's November 1, 2019 Administrative Order (AOSC 19-74), all orders shall be signed electronically by the court. Please submit your proposed orders, and all supporting documents, in Word format through the Online Services (OLS) system.The CAD email is for submitting courtesy copies, requesting hearing dates/times, and confirming opposing counsel's agreement on a proposed order

Please provide confirmation of opposing counsel's agreement either by forwarding via email CAD-DivisionX@pbcgov.org or by attaching correspondence to the proposed order in OLS.

The accompanying motion must identify the relief requested, the reason for said requested continuance, and whether or not speedy trial was waived and when. An agreed order to continue will not be executed unless the accompanying motion to continue contains a certification by defense counsel that the defendant's right to a speedy trial has been waived. All agreed orders to continue shall contain grounds for the reason of request. If the agreement of the parties is not provided the proposed order will not be signed. It is the responsibility of the proponent of the agreed order to provide written agreement at the time the proposed agreed order is submitted. The Judicial Assistant will not contact opposing counsel to confirm assent if agreement is not submitted contemporaneously with the proposed order.

Suggestions for Legal Assistants & Attorneys before you call the Judicial Assistant:

  • Please read the Divisional Instructions thoroughly.
  • Ensure your Motions have been filed and docketed before you request a hearing time/date via email.
  • Check the court record for any future court dates for the case you are inquiring about.
  • Please copy opposing counsel on your e-mail and provide courtesy copies of pleadings/motions/case law, etc. 
  • Attach a copy of the Motion & opposing counsel's email confirming agreement on all proposed orders.