RS Divisional News

Divisional Rotation

Effective July 2, 2018, Judge Marni Bryson will be presiding over Division RS, County Civil, Courtroom 7, Delray Beach, FL. All Hearings currently scheduled for Division RS will proceed as scheduled. All correspondence for Division RS shall be directed to Judge Bryson or her Judicial Assistant, Nicole Tinari. Please refer to the RS Divisional Instructions for any updates and or changes.

Online Scheduling

Beginning August 1, 2017, all attorneys are required to utilize the Online Scheduling System for scheduling Uniform Motion Calendar and Special Set Hearings.

  Online Scheduling

Uniform Motion Calendar

Uniform Motion Calendar (UMC) hearings (10 min.) and Special Set hearings (15 or 30 min.) must be set using the Online Scheduling System. Use of this system requires a user ID and password. Technical questions regarding the system should be directed to; the Judicial Assistant is not able to answer these questions. If the system says there are no hearing dates available, please check again at a later time. Upon utilizing online scheduling, UMC hearings are set/noticed by a party filing/serving a Notice of Hearing.

Special Set Hearings

Special Set Hearings are set by a party filing/serving a Notice of Special Set Hearing (See the Court's Divisional Instruction forms for the format). Please read all the information below under Uniform Motion Calendar and Special Set Hearings for additional online scheduling information.

Uniform motion calendar for division RS will be on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. In courtroom #7 – for a hearing of 10 minutes or less.

For special set hearings of 30 minutes or more, please review the divisional instructions first and then email the judicial assistant at CAD-DIVISIONRS@PBCGOV.ORG.

Only agreed orders may be submitted electronically and only where clerk data base for the case reflects that all parties are registered for electronic/email service. All other proposed orders must be sent via regular mail with copies and stamped envelopes for all parties not registered for electronic/email service. No emails accepted unless previously authorized by the judge. Pursuant to Administrative Order 2.306, all orders must have a proper service list with the names and addresses of all parties listed.

All attorneys and/or parties wishing to participate in hearings telephonically shall do so by coordinating the telephonic appearance through CourtCall, telephone number 1-888-882-6878. Please remember that telephonic appearances are generally not permitted unless allowed by Court order and/or stipulated to by the parties. Please consult the 2 links below for further information.

pdf.png Memorandum from the Judge Panse to All Counsel/Parties
pdf.png How to Use CourtCall

Recent Updates

  • New dates recently suspended. Please reset any UMC hearing set on a suspended day you may have set.
  • All divisions of the Court will be enforcing Local Rule No. 3 requiring the moving party at all motion hearings to furnish the Court at the time of the hearing with a proposed Order, together with sufficient copies and stamped, addressed envelopes for all parties. Blank Orders will no longer be furnished by the Court free of charge. Blank Orders will be available for purchase in the Law Library at a cost of $2.00 each (cash only).