Civil Traffic

If your fines, costs, school completion certificates, community service hours, and/or proof of compliance was or becomes due during the period of the Court's closure due to COVID-19 , your due date has not changed. You may make your payments to the Clerk either on-line or telephonically.

Information on Traffic Ticket Payment Options

Please be advised that if you are required to attend and complete driving school during the time of the COVID-19, you must still obtain your school completion certificate. Generally, the school will electronically file your certificate with the Clerk's Office; however, it is your responsibility to insure they have done so.

If you are required to provide proof of compliance pursuant to a court order during the time of COVID-19, you should submit that proof to the Clerk, either by mail or electronically (preferred).

Instructions for E-file documents electronically with the Clerk.

If you are unable to timely complete your community service hours, as a result of COVID-19, you must send a request for an extension of time explaining your circumstances , and file this request with the Clerk's Office, as listed above.

Pursuant to Administrative Order 12.510-03/2020.6

The Clerk will not issue a D-6 for non-timely compliance of the above obligations until further order of the Court. In order to insure that you are in compliance with your obligations that may become due as noted above, it will be your responsibility to insure that you have complied with all Court requirements, when the extension order has ended.