Family Case Management

The primary function of the "Unified Family Court Case Management" is to monitor the case progress and evaluate each case at the outset to determine the appropriate resources and the appropriate way to handle the case. Case managers will coordinate and link related cases and will serve to assist litigants and the judiciary with various court processes. They monitor movement of the cases from point of initiation to disposition by following mechanisms such as early screening and creation of event deadlines to adhere to the Supreme Court case disposition time frames. Case managers also provide procedural assistance to self represented litigants who have filed a domestic relations case and are available to answer procedural questions that litigants may have.

15th Judicial Circuit UFC Case Management Contact List - as of February 1, 2019

Family Case Management Case Manager Phone Number Location
Division FC/FA (even case numbers) Vacant 561-355-1773 Main Judicial Complex
Division FD/FA (odd case numbers) Lisset Pino 561-355-4656 Main Judicial Complex
Division FW Debra Sconyers 561-996-4897 West County Courthouse
Division FH/FI (even case numbers) Laura Lavoie 561-694-7427 North County Courthouse
Division FJ/FI (odd case numbers) Linda Peters 561-624-6674 North County Courthouse
Division FY/FX (odd case numbers) Erika Ireland 561-330-1733 South County Courthouse
Division FZ/FX (even case numbers) Vacant 561-330-1775 South County Courthouse
Division DV/TD Eric Thompson 561-355-6316 Main Judicial Complex