How to Become a Provider

To become an approved provider of supervised visitation services in our Circuit, please review the list of requirements listed below. Once you have all documents prepared and ready, please submit electronically to


  1. Review of Supreme Court Minimum Standards for Supervised Visitation
  2. Affidavit of Compliance with statutory minimum standards for supervised visitation providers( a copy is attached for your review);
  3. Agreement with the court (a copy is attached for your review)
  4. A copy of operating policies and procedures that addresses all minimum standards that includes where visitations will take place, employment policy and procedures governing the acceptance and discharge of volunteers/interns, records management policies, etc.;
  5. Law Enforcement Agreement;
  6. A copy of any business related insurance policies;
  7. Sample order for supervised visitation;
  8. Copy of visitation agreement for custodial and non-custodial parents;
  9. A copy of your policy on out of circuit referrals and courtesy monitoring (can be included in the operating policies and procedures);
  10. A description on where the visitations are to occur and your policy on referrals regarding child sexual abuse;
  11. A listing of acceptable forms of payment;
  12. Considerations for non-English speaking clients, if any.

Family Division | Supervised Visitiation Program

Tara Kranz
Program Manager